Is Geraldo Rivera Still on Fox News? What is he up to?

Geraldo Rivera has long been a known face in the world of political commentary and journalism.

However, recent headlines have been buzzing about his surprise exit from Fox News, causing many to question what caused this unexpected turn of events.

Rivera’s forthright admissions shed light on the complex dynamics of his departure.

Is Geraldo Rivera still on Fox News?

No, Geraldo Rivera is no longer on Fox News. Geraldo Rivera was a key character on Fox News for almost two decades.

He began his Fox News career as a war correspondent in 2001, and he has since had a variety of positions inside the network.

Rivera was a talented pundit who constantly provided his distinct viewpoint on a wide range of problems.

Is Geraldo Rivera Still on Fox News? What is he up to?
Is Geraldo Rivera still on Fox News?

His most recent employment was as a liberal commentator on the popular afternoon show ‘The Five’, where he was part of a rotating panel of guests. His presence on the network had become a fixture in Fox News viewers’ lives.

The Unexpected Twist

The story’s unexpected twist occurred when Rivera was unceremoniously sacked by ‘The Five’. Following this unexpected decision, he took to Twitter to emphasise that it was, in fact, his choice.

After being ousted from the show, he parted company with Fox News.

During an interview on The View, Rivera revealed further details about his leaving, including what happened behind the scenes.

He said that he was removed from ‘The Five’ after receiving a call from two female executives. They did, however, propose that he look into other prospects inside the network.

With a year and a half left on his contract, Rivera faced a critical decision. He made a daring move, declaring, “Well, screw it; if you fire me from the No. 1 show, I’m quitting.” It was a bold move that would define the next phase of his career.

Rivera observed his coworkers displaying generosity and camaraderie in the days leading up to his departure, reminiscing about their shared experiences over the last two decades. The emotional parting reflected the close ties he developed throughout his time at Fox News.

One of the most surprising aspects of Rivera’s departure is his claim that his “ideology does not fit Fox.” This statement raises concerns regarding his position within the network’s landscape.

The presenters of ‘The View’ wondered why Fox News didn’t develop another show centred on Rivera’s point of view.

While Rivera accepted this possibility, he also alluded to an underlying misalignment between his beliefs and the network’s editorial approach.

The Role of a “Toxic Relationship”

Rivera did not shy away from discussing the presence of a “toxic relationship.”

He cited a “toxic relationship” with a fellow co-host as one of the reasons for his resignation. He did not reveal the coworker’s identity, but he did clarify that it was a male colleague.

He voiced dissatisfaction with the way conflicts were resolved, suggesting that he was frequently at a disadvantage.

This apparent favouritism manifested itself in suspensions and a gradual decline in his network appearances.

Rivera’s annoyance was obvious, as he described sudden cancellations of scheduled engagements just before primetime.

A Fresh Start

While the circumstances surrounding Rivera’s departure from Fox News were difficult, his parting words show a sense of liberty. “I’m not mad at anyone right now. I’m a free man now,” he declared, indicating a victory.

A new beginning and a revitalised sense of independence

Geraldo Rivera’s exit from Fox News is still a source of discussion and speculation in the media. It reminds us of the intricate processes at work behind the scenes as well as the ever-changing landscape of political criticism.

As Rivera embarks on new ventures, the world awaits his next chapter and the insights he will continue to bring to the table.

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