Is Gabi leaving Days of Our Lives in 2023?

Fans are eager to know whether Camila is leaving the popular show in 2023 or not. In this article, we will also discuss the reason why she has taken the decision to exit from ‘Days of Our Lives’.

The sands of the hourglass are shifting in Salem as Camila Banus, the actress behind the beloved character Gabi Hernandez DiMera, journey on ‘Days of Our Lives’ is hanging in the balance. Fans are left speculating about the reasons and what’s next for the show.

Who is Camila Banus (Gabi)?

Born on July 22, 1990, Camila Banus is an American actress. The soap opera Days of Our Lives, where Banus played Gabi Hernandez from October 4, 2010, is her most well-known role.

She made two brief cameos on December 22 and 29, 2014. On September 17, 2015, Banus returned to the role of Gabi. Banus appeared in One Life to Live from October 2008 to May 2009 as Lola Montez. In the third season of Fox TV’s Star, she played a regular role.

Florida’s Miami Beach is where Banus was born. Gabriela, her younger sister, is also an actress. She was a nominee for the Young Artist Award in 2009 and for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2015.

Is Gabi leaving Days of Our Lives in 2023?

Yes, she is leaving the show in 2023. The final episode of Camila Banus’s on-screen tenure as Gabi Hernandez DiMera airs on Days of Our Lives on November 9. In the narrative, Gabi is being sent to prison for killing Li Shin.

Is Gabi leaving Days of Our Lives in 2023
Gabi Hernandez

Banus claimed in an interview that her decision to leave “Days of Our Lives” was influenced by the show’s search for a new home.

She clarified, “I kind of just took that as a sign for me to start the next chapter in my life.” The actress revealed that she is excited to start a family with her spouse, Marlon Aquino, whom she married in 2021.

Camila exists after 13 years

After 13 years of service, Camila Banus has formally left Days of Our Lives.

The Emmy-nominated actress, who portrayed Gabi Hernandez on the Peacock soap opera, exclusively spoke with TheWrap about her departure, stating that she took the “changes” in the show as a cue to move on.

“Days, which ran on NBC from 1965 to 2022, has experienced major changes in the last few years, including a move to Peacock,” said 32-year-old Banus of the venerable daytime program.

To be really honest, I was willing to renegotiate a specific shooting schedule that would allow me to take a little bit more time off. However, they decided against it,” Banus revealed.

Additionally, there were other factors at play that they chose not to pursue. Initially, it was simple to move on to a new contract and say, “Well, if you cannot meet these demands, then I can’t.”

Banus added, but after that, you know, I spoke with producers, and they called me and said, ‘Well, what can we do?’ And I genuinely state that I have to slow down. You know, part of it is that you guys are taking this shooting schedule for me, even though you won’t. That is all I can do, you know, except bow out politely and thank you.”

The TV personality from Miami Beach, who has been married for two years to Marlon Aquino, hopes to start a family soon, so her departure from Days may also mean changes in her personal life.

“Hopefully, my spouse and I are trying to start a family,” she stated. And that is another important reason for me to consider perhaps just taking a little break and seeing where this time takes me.

However, I am also prepared for great things and open to other opportunities. I am just ready for something different.”

“I want to say a deep thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has loved Gabi the way that I have,” she said, wrapping up the interview.

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