Is Fiona leaving When Calls the Heart? Tumors are Taking Over the Internet

Discover Fiona Miller’s journey, the character played by the talented actress Kayla Wallace on the Hallmark Channel series “When Calls the Heart.”

Follow her exquisite tale of acting, starting from her little screen dreams to superb staging in movies and television.

As crowds guess about Fiona’s next actions for the show, let’s go ahead tackling the caveats of her storyline as well as the unclear reason for her leaving Hope Valley.

Who is Fiona?

Firstly, Fiona or Kate Wallace is a native of a small town situated on Vancouver Island where she had done most of her growing up on stage.

Through whatever venue it was; being it in a play, dance presentation, or singing in a cafe, Wallace was positive from the beginning that it was the arts that would take her a step ahead.

Is Fiona leaving When Calls the Heart
Fiona’s uncertain departure from ‘When Calls the Heart’.

Initially, she began to have a weakness for musical theater which grew into an interest in movies and television when she was studying at The Canadian College of Performing Arts in 2011 and 2012.

In 2014, Wallace tossed his dream job away to move to Vancouver to be a part of the action. He will forever be committed to his craft and continue to strive to be the best.

Is Fiona leaving ‘When Calls the Heart’?

No, when Fiona Miller first appeared in the season 6 premiere of When Calls the Heart, some people of Hope Valley viewed her suspiciously because she was the telephone operator at the switchboard.

Affected by the global pandemic, H1N1 influenza, or swine flu as it was popularly known started spreading in the fall of 2009.

As a college student at that time, I remember that Trying to establish a landline service in Hope Valley became a controversial issue with the people, and Fiona’s arrival did not appear to be as friendly as she had been anticipating.

In no time at all, there was a link between Florence to her and she was trying to demonstrate how the system works.

She lasted when she realized that Florence Blakeley (Loretta Walsh) would not hang around because her secret talent was not related to technology.

Who is Fiona?

In the 7th season of a successful business, Fiona is reaching for success in Hope Valley but then, just at a time when everything seems aligned, her phone rings with an unsettling call.

Mr. Nichols Fiona’s director in the 19th Hope Valley episode informed her that she would not continue in this position.

In addition to the finale, a teaser is presented in which Fiona is shown to teach her replacement how to be the best salesperson possible.

But it was certain that Fiona’s printed days in Hope Valley would be over because of her jobless state unless she changed her job, so all Hearties raised the question of whether Kayla Wallace would exit the series in Season 7.

We have yet to hear the actress deny rumors whether she will be departing from the show but a lot of users following her sent out tweets mentioning in disappointment Fiona’s going to leave the town named Hope Valley.

Whether Fiona’s tale ends with the death of season 7 or it continues further will only be revealed in the season’s finale.

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