Is Ernie Hudson leaving Quantum Leap? What do you think is going to happen with magic following the events of this quantum leap?

Season 2 of NBC’s Quantum Leap was packed with adventure and emotion. There was heartbreak, corporate espionage, vengeance, a significant plot twist, and a majority of science!

Is Ernie Hudson leaving Quantum Leap after the events of Season 2 Episode 11? We understand your concerns based on what you have seen in this episode.

The latest episode of Quantum Leap Season 2 is full of surprises! Ernie Hudson’s character, Magic, has decided to leave the team.

This unexpected move has left fans wondering what comes next for the show and how the other characters will deal without magic.

Ernie Hudson
Quantum Leap Season 2 finale ending explained

Magic, who is in charge of the project, had a difficult decision to make because there were serious consequences on the horizon.

Despite his best efforts to protect his team, Magic realized that he needed to make sacrifices to appease Rydge and the government.

After all, Gideon put the entire team in a pretty big pickle in this episode, and it became clear that someone was going to have to pay the price. At first, it appeared that it would be Ian; however, all eyes turned to Jenn.

In the end, Hudson’s character, Magic, chooses to fall on the metaphorical sword. If anyone was going to have to leave the team, it would be him.

As bad as it was, it was still one of the better scenarios the project could have faced, and Tom had to work tirelessly to keep things from worsening.

Consider this a nice reminder for all future shows — even though things did not work out between Tom and Addison, he still cared about her enough to value her work and didn’t do it out of revenge for the Department of Defense. People don’t have to be bitter during a breakup.

Ernie Hudson
Ernie Hudson

Now, just because Magic is absent from Quantum Leap does not imply that he is leaving the show. It does not even mean that he will be gone for good!

There is always a chance that the character turns up in some capacity and still tries to help from the sidelines.

Heck, remember that there’s still no guarantee that the project itself is going to happen following the upcoming two-hour finale.

We are gearing up here for what could be an insane chapter of the show with a lot of surprises and twists.

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