Is Elizabeth leaving When Calls the Heart? Maybe a Love Triangle has been Rekindled

Fans of “When Calls the Heart” may find themselves once again divided into “Team Nathan” or “Team Lucas,” as the latest teaser for an upcoming episode hints at a potential love triangle involving Elizabeth, played by Erin Krakow.

After watching the trailer, fans wonder if Elizabeth is leaving “When Calls the Heart.” Fans and viewers are coming up with many speculations regarding the show’s storyline and the fate of Elizabeth and Lucus.

Dig into it to find out more about Elizabeth and Lucas in “When Calls the Heart.”

A Recap of Elizabeth’s Romantic Journey

To provide some context, Elizabeth, the school teacher, initially fell in love with Mountie Jack Thornton, portrayed by Daniel Lissing.

Their love story culminated in marriage during Season 5. Tragically, Jack met his demise in a training accident, leaving behind a pregnant Elizabeth.

Following her period of grief, Season 6 introduced two single men to Hope Valley: Nathan, another Mountie, and Lucas, the owner of a sophisticated saloon.

Elizabeth’s feelings oscillated between these two characters over several seasons. By the end of Season 8, it seemed she had made her choice and committed to Lucas.

Her commitment to Lucas became even more apparent when she accepted his marriage proposal in the Season 9 finale.

Hints of Trouble in Paradise

Season 10, currently airing, has begun dropping hints that Elizabeth’s heart may not be entirely with Lucas. The season has portrayed Elizabeth and Lucas growing apart.

Elizabeth declined Lucas’s gift of a new house, opting to stay in her modest cottage, where she lived with her late husband.

Furthermore, her relationship with Nathan has deepened as he provides guidance on how to discuss her late husband’s death with her son.

In Episode 9, when Elizabeth feared that Nathan had been killed in the line of duty, her reaction suggested that her feelings for the Mountie may extend beyond mere friendship.

Is Elizabeth leaving When Calls the Heart?

No, Elizabeth is not leaving “When Calls the Heart” as of now. There is no official announcement by Elizabeth, her team, or the “When Calls the Heart” team.

The latest teaser for the October 8 episode, titled “Long Time Running,” features a conversation between Lucas and Elizabeth.

Is Elizabeth leaving When Calls the Heart
Is Elizabeth leaving When Calls the Heart?

Lucas discusses his political ambitions, revealing that success in the election would require them to move away from Hope Valley.

When he asks Elizabeth for her thoughts on this prospect, she hesitates, indicating reluctance to leave behind the town and, possibly, Nathan.

The trailer has sparked rumors; however, they are not yet to be believed. They are all just fan speculations.

Fan Reactions and Speculations

Fans have been eagerly sharing their thoughts on this renewed love triangle drama. Some express concerns about how Elizabeth’s character has been portrayed this season, finding her less likable. They wonder if she might be better off on her own.

Others believe that Elizabeth’s chemistry with Nathan has become more evident in Season 10, making a case for the Mountie.

They highlight the contrast between Lucas, who is refined and wealthy, and Nathan, who is tall, humorous, a single parent, and engaged in a perilous profession.

The question of how long the series will continue also factors into fan opinions. If Season 11 is the final installment, it might make sense for Elizabeth and Lucas to marry and live happily ever after. However, fans are aware that ratings can drop after a lead couple marries.

For those who hope for an extended series, they suggest a slower pace in Elizabeth’s romantic life, potentially ending her engagement and exploring a gradual relationship with Nathan.

Some fans even consider the unthinkable—the return of Jack Thornton, claiming amnesia and not actually being dead—just in time for the wedding.

There’s also speculation about Elizabeth possibly leaving the show, leading to the unexpected revival of the love triangle.

The uncertainty surrounding the future of Elizabeth’s love life in “When Calls the Heart” has sparked lively discussions among fans, and the series continues to keep viewers guessing about the path Elizabeth will ultimately choose.

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