Is Dana Perino still on The Five? A Dive into the Life of the Fox News Anchor

Dana Perino is a distinguished Fox News anchor who brings to the conversation her background as the former White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush.

She further solidifies her standing as a key political pundit in the United States because of her work at “The Five” on Fox News.

Who is Dana Perino?

Dana Marie Perino, an American political commentator and author, was appointed as President George W. Bush’s 26th White House Press Secretary on September 14, 2007, and held the position until January 20, 2009.

After Dee Dee Myers, who held the position during the Clinton administration, she was the second female White House press secretary.

Before contributing to Fox News as a political analyst and co-hosting the network’s talk show The Five, Perino was a Random House executive in charge of book publishing.

Beginning on October 2 of last year, she began hosting The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino on Fox News.

Early in 2021, Perino left The Daily Briefing to join Bill Hemmer as co-anchor of America’s Newsroom. In May 2023, CSU Pueblo, Dana’s alma mater, awarded her an honorary doctorate of humane letters.

She additionally makes an appearance as a member of the Fox News Channel’s political and election coverage teams. 

Is Dana Perino still on The Five? A Dive into the Life of the Fox News Anchor
Dana Perino on The Five (Source: Instagram)

Dana was the first Republican woman selected as the White House Press Secretary before this, serving for seven years in the George W. Bush administration. 

After the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001, Dana worked as a spokesman for the US Department of Justice before joining the Bush administration.

Was the White House rough on her?

While serving as former President George W. Bush’s press secretary, Dana Perino claims she caused “permanent damage” to her health.

Perino claims it was “very hard to take care of your health” while working at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in an interview with Julie Mason for SiriusXM’s “Leading Ladies” series.

“I reached a point where my arm became numb from the elbow down,” said Mosads. BlackBerrys were still quite new, but with time, I suppose I developed the necessary muscles.

Perino, who is a co-host on Fox News’s “The Five,” jokes that one of her medical issues even interfered with her husband’s ability to sleep.

Is Dana Perino still on the five?

Yes, Dana Perino won’t be leaving Fox News. The rumors claiming that Dana Perino is quitting Fox News are untrue.

Those close to her have categorically refuted these rumors. Since joining Fox News in 2009, Perino has been an essential part of the network’s programming.

Is Dana Perino still on the five
Is Dana Perino still on the five?

Her accomplishments go beyond her work as a political analyst and include her time serving as the White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush, which was a pivotal period in American history.

Despite these unfounded rumors, her recent participation in a podcast is proof of her continued dedication to the network.

It’s crucial to make clear that these rumors of leaving have no basis in fact and are most likely the consequence of erroneous information or wild speculation.

In the information age, rumors abound, and Dana Perino is not an exception. There have been rumors about her health that range from major ailments to minor ones.

But since neither Dana nor Fox News have formally responded to these allegations, they continue to be unfounded. She keeps up with her other commitments in addition to “America’s Newsroom.” She is still completing the five.

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