Is Cirie still on Big Brother? The Big Brother Drama

The reality TV industry is no stranger to shocks and turns, and “Big Brother” is no exception.

One of the most exciting twists in this long-running CBS reality series’ 25th season is Cirie Fields’ participation.

Cirie is a reality TV legend best known for her appearances on programs like “Survivor” and “The Traitors.” Her relationship with another inhabitant, Jared Fields, has complicated the game, though.

In this article, we look at the controversy surrounding Cirie’s participation in “Big Brother” and its effects on the show.

Cirie Fields: The Face of Reality TV

At 53 years old, Cirie Fields is a seasoned reality TV veteran. Her prior experiences on programs like “Survivor” have given her a devoted fan base and established her as a cunning and powerful competitor.

For both “Big Brother” fans and devotees of reality television, her entrance into the house during the 25th season premiere was a big event.

Is Cirie still on Big Brother?

Yes, as of now Cirie is still on the show competing with passion to win the show. However, On September 28, 2023, Jared Fields’ participation in “Big Brother 25” came to an end.

He had the opportunity to “resurrect” his game after being eliminated during a Double Eviction show thanks to the “Big Brother Zombies” twist. Nevertheless, despite his best attempts, he was declared out of the game.

Is Cirie still on Big Brother
Is Cirie still on Big Brother?

Jared showed respect for Cameron Harding, a fellow inhabitant who won the contest and was given a second chance to play the game. He acknowledged how challenging it was to defeat him and graciously accepted Cameron’s victory.

The Identification of a Relationship

The discovery of a link between Cirie Fields and fellow houseguest Jared Fields was one of the “Big Brother 25” episodes’ most unexpected turns.

Some of the guests may not have known they were related at first, but it soon became clear that Jared was Cirie’s son. The dynamics inside the house became unexpectedly more complex as a result of this disclosure.

Association with Izzy Gleicher

After their relationship was made known, Jared, Cirie, and housemate Izzy Gleicher came together to establish a powerful alliance.

This alliance combined game tactics with familial ties, giving the “Big Brother” house a distinctive dynamic. Izzy played a significant role in this trio because she recognized Jared and Cirie’s romance right away.

Jared’s Choice: Keep the Information Secret

The fact that Jared chose not to tell his showmance partner, Blue Kim, that Blue is aware of the mystery of their familial link was one of the most important developments in the game.

Jared addressed his reasoning for hiding this knowledge from his mother Cirie Fields in an exclusive interview.

Cirie on Big Brother
Cirie on Big Brother

If Cirie knew about Blue’s expertise, Jared thought it may cause her to become more paranoid and change the dynamics of her relationship with Blue.

He emphasized his desire for Blue and Cirie to have their own relationship free from the nagging concern that Blue would someday turn their friendship against Jared.

Perspective and Criticism from Izzy

The decision Jared made was not supported by everyone in the home. In the alliance with Jared and Cirie, Izzy Gleicher criticized Jared for disclosing the private information to Blue.

Izzy called Jared’s choice in an exclusive interview “stupid,” hinting that it might have had an adverse effect on their game.

Justification of Jared

Jared Fields defended his decision, thinking that Cirie would eventually comprehend why he revealed their secret to Blue and why he kept Cirie in the dark regarding Blue’s knowledge.

He emphasized the value of playing his own game and making his own decisions on his own, as opposed to just copying his mother.

Jared chose his option because he wanted to forge his own path in the “Big Brother” game and prevent himself from feeling like he never made his own decisions. He thought this strategy would ultimately help Cirie’s game.

Affective Family Dynamics

A special element that might both help and hurt their respective games was introduced by the presence of a mother and son pair in the “Big Brother” house.

On the one hand, having a family member in the house gave people a sense of security and trust that is frequently lacking in the cutthroat world of “Big Brother.”

However, the familial link also presented difficulties because early in the game they were placed on different sides of the house.

In order to maintain his allies on his side of the house from attacking his mother, Cirie, Jared had to strike a delicate balance.

The Agreement with Izzy and Its Effects

The game became much more challenging as a result of Jared’s partnership with Izzy Gleicher, who was aware of their family link.

In exchange for Izzy keeping quiet about their secret, Jared promised to defend her in the game. This promise turned out to be crucial to his strategy and may have contributed to his downfall.

Jared got into a heated argument with erstwhile ally Cory Wurtenberger after trying to learn more about a vote flip during a crucial point in the game. He was ultimately kicked out of the “Big Brother” house as a result of this action.


Due to her established status as a reality TV icon, Cirie Fields’ participation in “Big Brother 25” gave the competition an intriguing new dimension.

The discovery of her relationship with her son Jared Fields generated a distinctive dynamic in the home, resulting in alliances and tactical choices that intrigued viewers.

His trip, which is characterized by allies, secrets, and tactical games, will be regarded as a pivotal moment in the ongoing drama of “Big Brother.” The legacy of Cirie Fields and her son Jared is still a gripping reality television plot.

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