Is Chris Salcedo still on Newsmax? If Not, Where Is He?

Every voice matters in the ever-changing environment of news and political analysis, and every perspective is a piece of the broader puzzle.

But, among all the familiar sounds and faces, one question jumps out: What happened to Chris Salcedo?

The Enigmatic Chris

Chris Salcedo’s name is well-known in the worlds of celebrity, news, and politics. Salcedo, a dynamic host and political analyst, has left a lasting impression on radio and television with his forthright opinions and perceptive insights.

He was born on January 1, 1963, and has made a name for himself as a veteran broadcaster, published author, and Newsmax TV personality.

Chris Salcedo
Chris Salcedo (Source: Instagram)

His show, “Freedom Loving Latino,” was a daily gathering place for individuals seeking unedited perspectives.

It gave a forum for Salcedo to critique the day’s political happenings and offer his unique observations, earning him a committed nationwide audience via the AM 700 KSEV APP.

Is Chris Salcedo still On Newsmax?

No, the once-familiar media character appears to have disappeared from public view. The airways, which used to be filled with his heated debates, are now flooded with speculation about his whereabouts. Has Chris Salcedo left Newsmax TV, or is he planning a surprise return? The riddle has yet to be solved.

Is Chris Salcedo still on Newsmax? If Not, Where Is He?
Is Chris Salcedo still on Newsmax?

In an age of quick knowledge, the mystery surrounding Chris Salcedo’s absence poses a dilemma that defies resolution.

It’s an engrossing story that keeps us on the edge of our seats, driving us to look for answers and uncover the truth.

A Multifaceted Man

Chris Salcedo’s life and media career are like a mosaic of diverse experiences. Although he dabbled in acting and graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Dramatic Arts, his true calling lay elsewhere.

Radio served as his canvas, on which he painted a tapestry of news and traffic reports, demonstrating his versatility. He also dabbled in weather forecasting, exhibiting his seemingly boundless ability.

His research into the media industry, however, did not end there. Salcedo dipped into television, appearing in “Veronica Mars” (2004-2006) and made his film debut in “The Sentimental Engine Slayer” (2010).

Here was a man who did more than just cover the news; he became a part of it.

The Chris Salcedo Show

Chris Salcedo began a new chapter in his career in 2013 with “The Chris Salcedo Show,” which can be heard on WBAP, KSEV, and The Blaze Radio Network.

His thought-provoking debates piqued listeners’ interest, driving him into the world of talk radio. His growing clout was highlighted with an appearance on “Fox and Friends” in 2018.

Salcedo previously worked for CBS11/TXA21 in Fort Worth, Dallas, where he established himself as a popular political analyst recognised for his strong ideas in addition to anchoring and presenting. He was never shy about voicing his concerns about the potential risks of liberal values.

Protecting Latino Identity

One of Chris Salcedo’s most impassioned aims was to criticise the media’s portrayal of Latinos. He was convinced that the Latino group, like any other, was a patchwork of different ideas and beliefs.

He championed the cause of more nuanced and honest representation as the Executive Director of the Conservative Hispanic Society.

Salcedo was well-known for his staunch support for former President Donald Trump. While Latinos were divided on Trump, Salcedo stayed strong in his notion that topics like immigration should be seen from the perspective of border security rather than race—a stance he still maintains.

We await information from Chris Salcedo or Newsmax TV with bated breath!

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