Is Chris Gascoyne leaving Corrie?

The world of soap operas is no stranger to jaw-dropping plot twists and sudden character departures, and one such exit has been making waves in the soap universe.

Chris Gascoyne, renowned for his role as Peter Barlow on Coronation Street, has announced his departure after a staggering 23 years of bringing his character to life.

But it’s not just the departure that has fans buzzing with anticipation; it coincides with a gripping murder plot that is shrouded in suspense.

Is Chris Gascoyne leaving Corrie?

Yes, Chris Gascoyne, the actor who played Peter Barlow on Coronation Street for over 20 years, left the show in October 2023.

His exit storyline involved Peter killing Stephen Reid in self-defense, but he was arrested and charged with murder.

Is Chris Gascoyne leaving Corrie
Is Chris Gascoyne leaving Corrie?

Gascoyne has said that he is happy with the way that his character’s story ended. He also said that he is looking forward to new challenges and opportunities in his career.

Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter Barlow on Coronation Street, has revealed the first information about his departure from the role.

This week, Peter took the front stage in a dramatic plot turn when he mowed down Weatherfield’s bad guy Stephen Reid on the cobblestones.

“Chris Gascoyne Opens Up About Exiting Coronation Street After 23 Years”

Chris Gascoyne, a star of Coronation Street, has spoken out about his impending departure and expressed his happiness.

The actor is best known for his role as Peter Barlow in the ITV soap opera, but after 23 years, he will shortly bid his alter ego and the Cobbles goodnight.

Chris, who took on the role of Ken Barlow’s son as the seventh actor in 2000, announced his departure from it on July 2.

However, a spokeswoman for Coronation Street at the time stated that the door is “left open,” indicating that the 55-year-old may return in the future.

Additionally, fans are speculating that the revered character might go to jail in light of recent Weatherfield events.

The surprise permanent exit of Stephen Reid from Corrie on Friday night’s episode (October 13) left fans in disbelief. Peter was revealed to be the culprit.

The serial killer’s escape plan has been a subject of fan speculation since his misdeeds ultimately caught up with him.

We witnessed Stephen beat his niece over the head with a bottle when he was surrounded in the Rovers by partners Jenny Connor and Sarah Barlow.

After a final confrontation with Jenny, he takes Jenny hostage while trying to flee, only to be hit by Peter’s automobile seconds after releasing Jenny.

Chris Gascoyne on Peter Barlow’s Fate in Corrie:

Chris has stated that he is happy that Peter was chosen by Corrie producers to slay killer Stephen following his dramatic demise.

He claims it was fate that he decided to leave the program at the exact moment they were discussing Todd Boyce’s character Stephen’s arc’s conclusion.

He disclosed that the deceased’s aftermath will have a significant impact on the sober alcoholic in the following weeks.

In Monday night’s (October 16) episode of Corrie, it has been revealed that Peter will be detained on suspicion of murder and questioned by DS Swain and her squad.

When asked if he was surprised to learn that Peter had killed Stephen, Chris responded, “I was not anticipating it, that’s for sure. It was Iain the producer, who told me.

However, I was happy and eager to see how the story would turn out. I enjoyed how it seemed to come out of nowhere when I was reading it; presumably, the audience did not anticipate it.

They were aware that Peter was upset and searching for Stephen, but even though he had attempted to beat Stephen up at the flat, I don’t believe anyone saw the final development until it took place.

Peter suddenly appeared out of nowhere while being one of the few people who were not on the street at that time.

Even if Peter’s exit might be a while off, Chris expressed his satisfaction that Stephen’s demise has made room for his character to leave.

He said that It just came together at the right time. I now know a little bit more about Peter than I did before.

He has a lot of depth, and it has been nice to explore that, the more I learn about him and get to know this part of him.

The popular serial continued to tease how Peter will ultimately depart, saying, “Well, he just killed someone so there are so many storylines that can come out of that and so many reasons that he might not be around any longer.

All I would say is that I am thrilled with my exit plot, the scripts are excellent, and I am looking forward to seeing how Peter crosses the street and how others respond.

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