Is Chase still on Fixer to Fabulous? A Secret That Should Be Tackled

Former HGTV star Chase Looney, a carpenter and construction manager, experienced a life-altering event following a devastating fireworks accident that left him without an eye. Chase hasn’t lost his enthusiasm for building and woodworking.

After getting divorced recently, he is still devoted to his kids and shares bits of his life on social media, demonstrating his fortitude in the face of changes in both his personal and professional life. Read the below article to know if is he still on Fixer or not.

What Happened To Chase On Fixer To Fabulous?

Multiweek following his last episode of Fixer to Fabulous as a development manager and carpenter, Chase Looney confronted a groundbreaking occurrence.

The consequence of a sad firecracker’s mishap was the deficiency of an eye, and he must be hurried to an emergency hospital to have surgery that included the truly challenging decision of eliminating the injured eye.

Then again, Chase, renowned for his depiction of the renovator’s team, had begun well as he cherished aiding individuals and had even served at the nearby local group of firefighters.

Moreover, Chase’s life past the screen became confounded. It likewise makes a reference to his separation from Chelsie Lamborn Looney in the early part of 2021, featuring the difficulties he went through in those days.

In spite of the fact that he was not commonly projected in a network program, Chase kept up his various endeavors, especially his carpentry, as seen by his revives on his store and photographs of his errands on Instagram. It reveals insight into how Chase Looney overcame different difficulties, both individual and business-related.

Where is he now?

The Construction Manager, Chase Looney, based in Arkansas, has changed professionally as well as personally while working with HGTV’s channel, Fixer to Fabulous. Unlike previous seasons, Chase, who is well-known for being a carpenter, is not featured on the most popular home improvement show.

Is Chase still on Fixer to Fabulous
Is Chase still on Fixer to Fabulous

Despite leaving Fixer to join Fabulous, Chase is still active in the business world and a devoted father to his children.

Another big movement in Chase’s life took place at the beginning of 2021 when he and his ex-spouse, Chelsie Lamborn Looney, mutually concluded their marriage via divorce.

The carpenter and the construction manager were going through significant life changes at this moment, and their circumstances indicated a period of transition.

Chase has always remained passionate about the construction industry by demonstrating great skill in the art of it, and this is evident in his commitment to excellence and his current position title where he serves as a construction manager.

Although the article does not specify exactly where Chase currently lives, it probably implies that he still dwells in Arkansas, the country portrayed in Fixer to Fabulous.

The dynamism of the two domains is well depicted by Chase Looney’s journey as he navigates these changes. It alludes to a driven individual who prioritises his domestic responsibilities while being committed to his talent.

Is Chase still on Fixer to Fabulous?

No, Chase is not in Fixer to Fabulous. It seems like Chase has been keeping himself busy with his job and parenting even if he isn’t on the programme anymore (at least not right now).

Rumour has it that Chase and Chelsie Lamborn-Looney were divorced in the first part of 2021, which explains why Chase’s Instagram account was inactive for over two years.

On March 14, 2021, he published content for a blog on the coming culmination of his new carpentry shop; notwithstanding, he didn’t post again until December 2022. He returned on December 28, 2022, adding to a blog about a stunning outpouring walnut table with a brilliant show of rage. Our breath was eliminated by it.

He imparted an image of his children to the general population, welcoming them into his confidential life. The caption was rather informative. 2023’s inaugural family vacation.

Just the three of us makes life different,” Chase remarked. “But one thing that hasn’t changed is kids will always come first.” He declared himself the “luckiest man alive” after taking his kids to an Oklahoma Thunder game.

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