Is Charity still on Dancing with the Stars? Charity Lawson and Artem Chigvintsev Seek Constructive Criticism

In the glittering world of “Dancing with the Stars,” contestants often strive for that elusive 10 from the judges. The recent episode of “Dancing with the Stars” has kept suspense over Charity Lawson’s performance.

After the episode, viewers are curious to know if Charity is still on “Dancing with the Star” or not. Let’s find it together and get into the article.

The Partner’s Perspective

Artem Chigvintsev, Charity’s dancing partner, shares her sentiments. He considers the scores to be the ultimate reward for their hard work and dedication.

While he acknowledges the challenge of not being overly affected by the scores, he stresses the importance of constructive criticism.

Artem expresses his difficulty in dealing with comments that are consistently positive but do not result in higher scores.

He’s open to constructive feedback that can lead to improved performances. In essence, they are both dedicated to their craft and constantly seek ways to elevate their dance routines.

A Widespread Challenge

Charity and Artem are not alone in facing this dilemma. The judges have limited time to allocate scores and provide feedback on live television.

Sometimes, their comments may not align with their scores or may get lost in the rush of the show. For instance, Derek Hough struggled with his feedback and accidentally held up the wrong score for a contestant.

Such incidents highlight the complexities of scoring in a live TV dance competition. Ariana Madix also faced this challenge when her glowing reviews and a standing ovation only translated into a single 9 from Derek.

Is Charity still on Dancing with the Stars?

Yes, Charity is still on “Dancing with the Stars.” She hasn’t been eliminated yet. Her journey has been marked by consistent 8s, and while it’s a commendable score, she’s eager for that extra push to reach a 9.

Charity Lawson’s desire for constructive criticism is born out of her commitment to constant growth. She acknowledges that scores matter and values the feedback provided by the judges.

Is Charity still on Dancing with the Stars
Is Charity still on Dancing with the Stars?

For her, the scores are not to be ignored entirely but to serve as a tool for improvement.

After her enchanting performance channeling “The Little Mermaid” on Disney Night, the judges showered her with praise, leaving her eager to know where she can enhance her dance moves.

Ariana Madix’s Perspective

While Charity and Artem are searching for that extra boost from the judges, Ariana Madix takes a different approach.

She is primarily focused on remaining in the competition and is not overly concerned about the scores. For her, the joy of dancing takes precedence over the numbers.

She emphasizes the importance of sticking around, as long as their performances keep them in the competition.

The Audience Factor

One potential reason for the persistent absence of 10s could be the audience’s reaction. It’s noted that the audience often boos when the judges make even slightly negative comments.

This dynamic might be discouraging for judges who are looking to provide balanced and constructive feedback.

The audience’s reaction can influence the judges’ decision-making and impact the contestants’ scores.

In the world of “Dancing with the Stars,” Charity Lawson and Artem Chigvintsev are striving for that extra push to reach a 9.

They value the judges’ feedback and scores, but the absence of constructive criticism in the face of positive comments leaves them questioning where to improve.

Ariana Madix, on the other hand, prioritizes the joy of dancing and the desire to remain in the competition.

The challenge of securing a 10 remains, but these contestants continue to put their best foot forward, hoping for that perfect score.

Regardless of the scores, their commitment to the art of dance and their determination to improve shine through, making their journey on “Dancing with the Stars” an inspiring one.

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