Is Brianna Keilar leaving CNN? Get the Latest Scoop on Her CNN Journey

Brianna Keilar, an Australian-born American Journalist has left everyone questioning her fate on CNN.

People are constantly asking whether Brianna Keilar is still on CNN or if she is leaving CNN. What happened to Brianna Keilar? Is Brianna leaving CNN?

What happened to Brianna Keilar on CNN?

Despite CNN’s plan to substitute New Day with a new show and anchors, Keilar won’t be leaving the network. Following a challenging year, CNN is using the change as a way to regain its equilibrium.

The network did not disclose the actual date of the cancellation of New Day or the whereabouts of Keilar, despite having previously declared its intention to do so in September 2022.

CNN did, however, imply that Keilar and Berman were planning to move to a new program after CNN This Morning took over.

They hosted New Day until October 31, 2022, while CNN has not yet made clear its plans for the new program the two are expected to headline.

Brianna Keilar is in charge of reporting important political and policy news for CNN as the network’s senior political correspondent.

During the 2016 election campaign, she also served as the main correspondent covering Hillary Clinton and the Democratic field. She also acts as the network’s principal replacement anchor for The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

Keilar works for the network out of its Washington office. Before this, Keilar covered the Obama administration for CNN as the senior White House journalist from the nation’s capital and other locales.

Is Brianna Keilar leaving CNN?

No. As per the reports available, Brianna Keilar is not leaving CNN, at least for now. Brianna would continue co-anchoring in the program until the new CNN morning show.

After that, she would be assigned a new anchor position at the network. Despite the network’s plan of replacing New Day with a new show and anchors, Brianna Keilar will not depart from CNN and instead will hold the position of a new anchor in the network.

Who is Brianna Keilar on CNN?

American journalist Brianna Marie Keilar, who was born in Australia on September 21, 1980, is currently a co-anchor of CNN News Central’s afternoon broadcast.

Is Brianna Keilar leaving CNN
Is Brianna Keilar leaving CNN?

Earlier, she has worked for CNN as a White House correspondent in Washington, congressional correspondent, general assistant correspondent, and as a senior political correspondent.

Before that, in Washington, Keilar served as a national correspondent for CNN Newsource. Before joining New Day, Brianna Keiler also hosted CNN ‘Right Now with Brianna Keilar.

‘Australia’s Australian Capital Territory is where Keilar was born. She is the daughter of mixed ethnicity both American and Australian as Miriam, her dear mother, was an American, on the other hand, Glenn, her father, was an Australian.

When Brianna was born, the Keilars had settled in Australia. In 1982, Keilar’s parents moved to the country, and settled down in Orange County, California. Keilar shined as the homecoming queen in the final year of her high school.

After that she continued her study and graduated from Mission Viejo High School in 1998. In 2001, Keilar earned a double bachelor’s degree in Psychology and mass communication from the University of California, Berkeley.

Brianna Keilar’s Career Journey

At the CBS station KIMA in Yakima, Washington, Keilar began her telecom vocation. On the ongoing hit station KFFM, she served as a co-host in the morning drivetime program Billy, Blue, and Brianna: The Morning Zoo.

A CBS broadcast that broadcasted on MTVU, MTV’s student network, incorporated her as an anchor, a correspondent, and a maker before she made the change to CBS News.

She likewise filled in as a substitute anchor for Up to the Moment on CBS News and as a freelance journalist for CBS Evening News weekend version.

As a reporter for CNN Newsource, Keilar moved from CBS to CNN, where she covered breaking news stories and detailed from the capital for the organization’s 800 accomplice stations.

She covered a variety of topics as a general assignment journalist for the network, including the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, when she was the network’s very first correspondent on the ground.

As a co-anchor of a new program called CNN News Central that premieres in April 2023, Keilar will work alongside Boris Sanchez and Jim Sciutto. She co-anchors the 1 to 4 p.m. afternoon edition of the show.

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