Is Bre Tiesi Still on Selling Sunset? Still In the Mix?

Bre Tiesi is an American actress and model known for her work in various films and television shows. Selling Sunset is a famous reality television show that has taken the world of real estate by the attack with its charming features, high-stakes deals, and the main drama among the cast of real estate agents.

Bre Tiesi was not a familiar name on the show until the sixth season when they created her character. Her early career showcases the dedication, determination, and passion that was required to make a stamp in this entertainment industry.

Her great journey from modeling to acting is a testimony of her versatile behavior and her focus on the craft.

The Beginning of Her Career

Bre Tiesi is a name that has now become synonymous with art, talent, and beauty in the entertainment industry.

This entertainment industry has undertaken her career journey with a small dream and her determination which make it big.

Now as she is appreciated for her great work in the movies and television, her career beginnings show a glimpse into her dedication and all the hard work she has done which was required to achieve success in Hollywood.

Her journey started in the massive world of modeling. Her amazing looks and a very striking presence were an attention stealer for the industry insiders.

Her initial charge into modeling opened various doors to opportunities and laid the foundation for her mixed career paths.

Cassandra and Bre Animosity

In the season finale, the tension between the two women reaches a breaking point when Cassandra decides to confront Bre at an Oppenheim party about why she has been cold toward her.

Cassandra claims that Bre is not popular in the industry because Bre declines to take part in the discussion.

Bre makes a statement, then abruptly exits the room and savagely takes away her microphone, leaving it unclear how she feels about the real estate group right now.

Although fans are wondering if Bre will return to the Oppenheim Group for the upcoming season, Jason suggested that Bre has the final say.  

Is Bre Tiesi Still on Selling Sunset?

Bre has not yet made a statement regarding her plans to remain on the show. She recently posted on her Instagram about Selling Sunset S7.

Long-time fans know that Cassandra and Bre were having some sort of trouble by the end of the seventh season.

Is Bre Tiesi Still on Selling Sunset
Bre Tiesi

Season seven ended but this has not been addressed by either Bre or the show as to Bre Tiesi’s future on Selling Sunset.

In the last episode of season seven, Bre was seen talking to Jason about her commission split and she did not want to continue because of that. Jason does not provide any information regarding this situation to the fans.

What is next for Bre?

Bre Tiesi’s journey in the entertainment industry is ongoing. The world of entertainment is ever-evolving, and actors like Bre Tiesi remain adaptable and forward-thinking.

As she continues to make her mark in Hollywood, fans and industry insiders eagerly await her next roles and projects.

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