Is Brandon McMillan married?

Famous TV personality and dog trainer Brandon McMillan has captured viewers’ attention with his Emmy-winning work on the CBS series “Lucky Dog.”

McMillan is well-known among dog enthusiasts due to his proficiency in canine rehabilitation and training, which he has a strong interest in.

In addition to his success on television, he demonstrated his dedication to serving disabled soldiers by co-founding the Argus Service Dog Foundation.

Here we explore his life and career and their current relationship with Jessica Nicole.

Who is Brandon McMillan?

Renowned television personality Brandon McMillan is well-known for his outstanding work in dog training.

His noteworthy accomplishments include winning two Emmy awards, but he is most known for his work as trainer and host of the beloved CBS series “Lucky Dog.”

McMillan has dabbled in writing outside of television, penning a book titled “Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days.”

Apart from his work in television and literature, McMillan is also a kindhearted humanitarian.

He is a proud supporter of the cause of training service dogs to help handicapped veterans, and he co-founded the Argus Service Dog Foundation, a nonprofit organisation with this admirable goal.

McMillan is of Caucasian ancestry and American nationality. He was born in Trenton, New Jersey. As of the time of writing, he is 46 years old, having been born on April 29, 1977.

Even if he doesn’t disclose the specifics of his school history, his accomplishments and proficiency in dog training speak volumes about his commitment and skill in this area.

To sum up, Brandon McMillan is a complex person who has made a lasting impact on the dog training, television, and animal welfare industries.

In addition to providing amusement and education, his activity makes a substantial positive impact on the welfare of needy canines and veterans.

Is Brandon McMillan married?

Yes, Brandon McMillan is married to Jessica Nicole. Jessica Nicole McMillan is the wife of Brandon McMillan. On September 25, 2023, Brandon shared a sincere Instagram post that made their marriage public.

Is Brandon McMillan married
Is Brandon McMillan married?

He provided some insight into his personal life by sharing that they had been married for a year in this post.

Their journey together has featured events like a trip to Italy, which they shared on their individual Instagram profiles. Their marriage seems to be a source of joy and companionship for him.

As a two-time Emmy-winning television personality, Brandon McMillan is most renowned for his work as the host and trainer of the CBS series “Lucky Dog.”

Although many people are aware of his enthusiasm for saving and rehabilitating unwanted dogs, he prefers to keep his personal life quiet.


A good deal of controversy has dogged Brandon McMillan’s career. His exit from “Lucky Dog” after seven great seasons was one noteworthy event. Creative disputes with the show’s creators led to this decision.

McMillan voiced his worries that the show’s initial goal of showcasing the inspirational tales of dogs and their metamorphoses had been replaced with a more commercial and product placement-driven approach.

He publicly expressed his dissatisfaction, bemoaning the show’s dwindling uniqueness and genuineness, which he saw as having reduced to a “carbon copy rip off” of the idea he and his crew had developed from the bottom up.

McMillan’s “Great White Serial Killer” programme on the Discovery Channel was the subject of another controversy.

The programme examined great white shark attacks in South Africa and California that included both humans and seals.

The show’s title, according to some reviewers, was sensationalist and deceptive since it gave the impression that the sharks were deliberately pursuing and murdering their prey.

This representation was thought to have the potential to undermine attempts to conserve sharks by promoting the false belief that sharks are mindless killers rather than the sophisticated, sentient creatures that they are.

Despite McMillan’s hard work in the broadcast and animal training industries, these scandals highlight the intricacies and difficulties in his business.

Who was Brandon McMillan’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Before being married to Jessica Nicole McMillan, Brandon McMillan dated Alanna Lynn Polcyn.

November 2015 was the start of their romantic adventure and the beginning of a momentous chapter in McMillan’s personal life.

Although they did not keep everything under wraps, Alanna’s attendance at the 2018 Daytime Emmy Awards demonstrated their dedication to one another throughout that time.

The Emmy-winning television personality’s previous relationship offers a window into his personal life and shows a different side of him before he fell in love with Jessica Nicole McMillan.

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