Is Bob Sellers Still on Newsmax? Learn The Whereabouts Of The Man Behind the Mic

Moments that leave an everlasting impact in the uncertain realm of television news are rare.

But when veteran Newsmax anchor Bob Sellers met paths with MyPillow’s controversial CEO, Mike Lindell, a spark was lit, and the subsequent on-air brawl became legendary.

An On-Air Viral Confrontation

When Newsmax viewers tuned in on a typical Tuesday afternoon, they were expecting a discussion about Mike Lindell, a major supporter of disproved claims about the 2020 presidential election. What they saw, though, was far from ordinary.

Lindell, who is well-known for his unabashed advocacy of bogus election fraud charges, used the occasion to launch an attack on Dominion Voting Systems, a voting software company at the centre of the election debate.

“We have all the election fraud with these Dominion machines,” he said forcefully. We have complete proof.

Bob Sellers
Bob Sellers

But here’s where the plot twists. It turns out that criticising Dominion Voting Systems on Newsmax is a touchy subject, given the legal threats and controversies surrounding the network’s past coverage.

Bob Sellers Takes a Position

Bob Sellers co-anchors the 3 p.m. ET hour with former Fox News host Heather Childers.

Sellers drew a line in the sand as Lindell launched into his conspiracy-laden rant. The exchange quickly became chaotic and went viral.

Newsmax issued a statement explaining its position, saying, “Newsmax and its anchor only wanted to make clear that it has found no evidence of software manipulation involving the election.”

They emphasised that Lindell’s point of view differed from theirs while respecting his right to his own views.

The altercation thrust Bob Sellers back into the spotlight. Sellers, a well-known figure in the world of television news, has had an enthralling career.

Is Bob Sellers Still On Newsmax?

Yes, Bob Sellers is still on Newsmax. Sellers’ career in television began with an anchor position at CNBC during the dot-com boom and fall. He co-hosted ‘Today’s Business” and “Market Watch” and also contributed his knowledge to programmes such as ‘Squawk Box’ and ‘Power Lunch.’

Is Bob Sellers Still on Newsmax
Is Bob Sellers Still on Newsmax?

His tenure at Fox News Channel, which began in 2002, saw him hosting ‘Fox News Live’ on a regular basis and reporting live from Iraq in June 2003.

Sellers’ TV journey, though, isn’t limited to the national stage. He’s made an impression on local television networks such as KING-TV in Seattle, KENS-TV in San Antonio, and KTVL in Medford.

He resumed his career as a morning news anchor at WTTG Fox 5 Morning News in Washington, D.C., where he worked until July 2008.

When Sellers moved to WSMV in Nashville, he won an Emmy in 2010 for his coverage of the region’s severe floods. He then went on to work as the morning man. Before leaving WZTV in June 2016, he worked as a news anchor.

A Renaissance Person

But Sellers is more than just a newsreader. In 2010, he debuted in the realm of business literature with the publication of ‘Forbes Best Business Mistakes: How Today’s Top Business Leaders Turned Mistakes Into Success.’

This book includes exclusive insights from conversations with celebrities such as Jack Welch, Peter Lynch, Jim Cramer, Suze Orman, and Jason Kilar.

Sellers isn’t content to simply report the news; he also writes business essays for Success and Gear magazines, as well as occasional pieces for The Huffington Post.

His varied career path also exposes a distinct athletic side—he was picked in the 31st round by the Kansas City Royals but chose study over baseball, graduating from the University of Virginia. He graduated with a degree in government and foreign affairs.

Mike Lindell’s Return

Later that day, by chance, Mike Lindell returned to Newsmax with a different tone.

He avoided reiterating his claims about the 2020 election and instead focused on the suspension of his personal and MyPillow accounts on Twitter. Lindell even praised Newsmax’s assistance, saying, “You guys have been great.”

The discussion continued as they looked at companies that had distanced themselves from MyPillow and Donald Trump’s looming impeachment trial.

To summarise

The viral fight on Newsmax between Bob Sellers and Mike Lindell exemplifies the volatility of live broadcasting. It underlines the thin balance journalists must strike when dealing with sensitive topics, especially in this day and age of conspiracy theories and misinformation.

We see the complexities of Bob Sellers’ diverse career as we deconstruct this remarkable TV event, from local news to national notoriety, and from writing books to engaging in thought leadership.

With the news cycle constantly changing, we can only speculate on what the next chapter will bring for Sellers and the world of television news.

Finally, the confrontation between a television anchor and a controversial CEO serves as a harsh reminder of the difficulties and responsibilities that come with presenting the truth in a divided world.

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