Is Bishop Carlton Pearson still alive? Unveiling the secret

Bishop Carlton Pearson, a charismatic figure in the world of ministry and gospel music, made waves in both his career and personal life. His bold beliefs challenged conventional religious norms, leading to his departure from a prominent congregation.

However, his impact on faith and music remained indelible, as did his passionate love story with Marie Gauthier, a love that defied expectations and brought new chapters of life and love.

Let’s look into the intriguing life of Bishop Carlton Pearson, his unique theological beliefs, and the heartwarming story of his whirlwind romance with Marie Gauthier.

Who is Bishop Carlton Pearson?

Minister Carlton D’Metrius Pearson is an American who also performs gospel music. His birthday is March 19, 1953.

He was the pastor of one of the biggest churches in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at one point—the Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center Incorporated, which was subsequently renamed the Higher Dimensions Family Church.

It increased to an average attendance of more than 6,000 during the 1990s.

Pearson quickly lost influence in ministry with the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops because of his professed belief in universal reconciliation. His peers labeled him a heretic in 2004.

Since then, Pearson has served as the associate minister of Tulsa’s All Souls Unitarian Church, the senior minister of Chicago, Illinois’ Christ Universal Temple, the leader of a recently established Higher Dimensions fellowship, and more.

Is Bishop Carlton Pearson still alive?

No, Bishop Carlton Pearson is not alive anymore. On November 2, 2023, Carlton Pearson, a notable cleric and gospel performer who refuted tried and true ways of thinking, died. He left a tradition of motivation and confidence.

He had unique ideas about faith and theology, like believing in universal reconciliation and saying that there is no hell.

He lost his gathering because of the discussions these thoughts caused. What’s more, he performed gospel music, and many individuals tracked down comfort and motivation in his tunes.

Is Bishop Carlton Pearson still alive
Bishop Carlton Pearson

He was determined to have cancer growth in 2001; however, he never faltered in his confidence or his boldness. His cancer growth eventually returned, and he was given solace. His illustrations on trust and change will constantly guide individuals.

His concepts and compositions had a significant influence on the world. Carlton Pearson had a multifaceted and influential career that included both music and ministry.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, he established his own church, the Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center, in 1981 to begin his professional career. In the 1990s, it grew rapidly to become one of the biggest churches in the region, drawing thousands of worshippers.

Because he hosted a nationally televised preaching show that reached millions of people each week, Pearson’s influence went beyond the church. He was renowned for being among the first African-American pastors to host significant gatherings in American stadiums and arenas.

As part of his yearly AZUSA Conference, Pearson was consecrated as a bishop in 1996, further cementing his standing in the religious community. In 2000, he participated in George W. Bush’s campaign and received an invitation to the White House.

His career had an effect on the music industry as well because he was a well-known gospel singer who received recognition for his work.

He additionally did a lot of advancing for different vocalists and ministers, including notable people like Donnie McClurkin, Joyce Meyer, and T. D. Jakes.

Who is Bishop Carlton Pearson’s wife?

Marie Gauthier became Carlton Pearson’s love flame. Their story is recognized by a quick-moving sentiment that began in the initial, not-so-long stretches of 1993.

At the point when Marie petitioned for legal separation in August 2015, it gave the idea that their marriage probably wouldn’t stand the test of time. Notwithstanding, Marie and Carlton figured out how to accommodate.

With her promise of a new beginning and a romantic chapter, Marie Gauthier has grown to be an essential part of Pearson’s life. Their quick chemistry and marriage within a few months of each other’s introduction demonstrate how strong their relationship is.

While Pearson’s journey has encompassed spiritual exploration and music, his partnership with Marie Gauthier introduces a personal aspect that adds a unique layer to his life story.

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