Is Allison Maloni still on Newsmax? Replacement in Career Position

A recent twist involving Alison Maloni has left viewers in anticipation of the ever-changing environment of television news.

An unexpected discovery arose as her absence from “Wake Up America” raised worries about her future with Newsmax.

The enigmatic nature of her latest pronouncements, on the other hand, has just added to the suspense, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering about the new routes she may be going inside the network.

The forthcoming chapters of Alison’s Newsmax adventure promise to be full of surprising twists and exciting surprises, making it a story well worth following.

Who is Alison Maloni on Newsmax?

Alison May Public Relations’ owner, Alison Maloni, is a seasoned writer with over two decades of expertise.

She is also a Newsmax contributor and presenter, where her natural storytelling skills have led to interviews with a varied range of people, from politicians to recognized professionals.

In addition to her on-camera work, Alison has successfully obtained media coverage for her clients in major venues such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Inc., The Today Show, Newsmax, and Fox News.

Her exceptional reputation in public relations stems from her thorough understanding of the needs and preferences of journalists, which has garnered her significant acclaim among reporters, producers, and editors.

Alison has also been featured in high-profile publications such as Time Magazine, Daily Worth, Dr. Oz, and Reputation Management.

Her most important role, however, is that of a mother to her three beautiful and smart daughters; when she is not working or writing, she spends her time with them and travels as often as she can. 

What happened to Alison Maloni?

Alison Maloni’s absence from Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” owing to Sharla’s appointment as the show’s new co-host fueled speculation that she would be departing the network.

Sharla has taken over as the show’s new host, replacing Alison and partnering with Rob Finnerty.

Both Alison and Sharla are Emmy Award-winning journalists, and Alison also has her own public relations firm, Alison May Public Relations. Because Sharla’s hiring as the show’s new co-host signals a substantial transition in the show’s hosting lineup, it aroused discussion among fans regarding Alison’s future with the show and the Newsmax media organization. Sharla McBride is the Newsmax reporter who replaced Alison Maloni.

Sharla has vast experience in news and sports anchoring, having previously worked for CBS station WUSA-TV as an Evening News Anchor and as a Sports Anchor and Reporter at WNEP-TV 16. She served as a sports anchor for NBC Sports Philadelphia from 2012 to 2013.

Is Allison Maloni still on Newsmax?

Yes, Alison Maloni is still on Newsmax because she was recently seen on TV. Indeed, Alison Maloni has declared that she has no plans to leave Newsmax, and her absence from a recent program might have been a deliberate effort to focus on the new portions she is preparing to introduce.

Is Allison Maloni still on Newsmax
Allison Maloni

While the specific content of these segments is unknown, her active involvement with Newsmax and commitment to enhancing the programming is evident in this development.

Her declaration that she will return to the show on October 30 is a positive omen for Wake Up America fans, signaling that she will continue on the channel.

The mystery surrounding the forthcoming episodes adds to the intrigue, and viewers will have to tune in to find out what new information Alison has in store for them on Newsmax.

Why did Alison Maloni leave Newsmax?

No, Alison Maloni did not leave Newsmax because Alison Maloni recently took to Twitter to share exciting news with her followers, revealing that the “Wake Up America” team at Newsmax is expanding.

She expressed her excitement for her return to the program, confirming that she’ll be back on Monday, dispelling any speculations about her departure, and teased her audience with the promise of new segments that she’s currently working on. 

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