Is Alison Maloni leaving Newsmax? Uncovering The Enigmatic Odyssey

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Alison Maloni: Who is she?

Alison Maloni, the owner of Alison May Public Relations, is a seasoned writer with over two decades of experience.

She is also a Newsmax contributor and anchor, demonstrating her abilities in front of the camera, where her natural storytelling ability has led to interviews with a diverse spectrum of people, from politicians to recognized specialists.

Alison has successfully garnered media coverage for her clients in notable venues such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Inc., The Today Show, Newsmax, and Fox News, in addition to her on-camera work.

Her extraordinary reputation in the field of public relations originates from her extensive awareness of the requirements and preferences of journalists, which has earned her widespread recognition among reporters, producers, and editors.

Alison has also appeared in prestigious publications such as Time Magazine, Daily Worth, Dr. Oz, and Reputation Management.

Her most valued position, however, is that of a mother to her three beautiful and brilliant girls, and when she is not working or writing, she devotes her time to them and travels as often as she can.

Is Alison Maloni leaving Newsmax?

No, Alison Maloni is not leaving Newsmax. She verified her ongoing involvement on the network via social media, particularly after Sharla was named the new co-host of “Wake Up America.”

Alison stated that the show’s staff is growing and that she would be working on additional segments for the show.

Is Alison Maloni leaving Newsmax
Is Alison Maloni leaving Newsmax?

While she informed fans that she would return to the program on Monday, she kept the specifics of her next projects a secret, creating an air of intrigue and excitement for viewers who are looking forward to her return and the new content she will bring to the show.

Here you go for the recent post of Alison Maloni on X where she confirmed they she is still on Newsmax:

Why was Alison Maloni absent from Newsmax?

Alison Maloni’s absence from Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” was due to Sharla’s selection as the show’s new co-host. Sharla has replaced Alison as the show’s new host, joining Rob Finnerty.

Alison and Sharla are both Emmy Award-winning journalists, with Alison also having her own public relations agency, Alison May Public Relations.

Sharla’s appointment as the show’s new co-host inevitably sparked speculation among fans about Alison’s future with the show and the Newsmax media organization, since it represents a significant shift in the show’s hosting lineup.

Who replaced Alison Maloni on Newsmax?

Sharla McBride replaced Alison Maloni on Newsmax. Sharla McBride is the Newsmax journalist who took over for Alison Maloni.

Sharla has extensive experience in news and sports anchoring, having previously worked for CBS station WUSA-TV and as an Evening News Anchor at WNEP-TV 16, where she was also a Sports Anchor and Reporter. Between 2012 and 2013, she worked as a sports anchor for NBC Sports Philadelphia.

Sharla, who was born and raised in Austin, Texas, began her media career with KTXS-TV and has 17 years of experience in broadcast media.

She studied international affairs, foreign policy, and broadcast journalism at the University of Georgia, according to Newsmax.

Additionally, Sharla is married to photographer Todd Hiller, as revealed in her Instagram post honoring their tenth anniversary, and Todd operates his photography studio and specializes in wedding photography.

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