Is Alicia Vikander Pregnant? Rumours Abound About Alicia’s Pregnancy Amongst Fans

Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander has been the subject of pregnancy rumours, with many thinking that her second child may be born in 2023.

Vikander has kept her family’s affairs quiet. She is well-known for her extraordinary contribution to Hollywood and her infamously private personal life.

Recent sightings of the Swedish actress, whom some think to be sporting a baby bump, added fuel to the rumours. Fans are hoping for an update on Vikander’s family expansion due to these reports.

Is Alicia Vikander pregnant?

It is not yet known whether Alicia Vikander is pregnant or not. The actress would rather stay with her family, living privately, which has heightened the mystery around the narrative.

Is Alicia Vikander Pregnant
Alicia Vikander

The story of Vikander and her spouse, fellow actor Michael Fassbender, becoming parents has garnered attention from the public and media, serving as a timely reminder of the delicate equilibrium between privacy and celebrity life.

Pregnancy rumours started to circulate when Vikander was photographed wearing a baggy dress for the October 2023 premiere of her most recent movie, The Glorias.

Her form appeared to have changed, and some people assumed this meant she was hiding a baby bump.

When she was spotted smiling and carrying a hand on her stomach as she left a restaurant in Los Angeles with her spouse, the rumour gained even more momentum.

How are Alicia Vikander and her husband responding to the rumours?

The pair has not addressed or disputed these allegations, thus allowing the general public to conjecture.

Recognised for their tactfulness, the pair has also maintained privacy over the birth of their first child, which was announced by Vikander in a September 2021 interview.

The infant was born in early 2021. Thus, it’s plausible that Vikander will be pregnant in 2023, but it’s also just as likely that she isn’t.

It won’t become clear what’s going on until Vikander or Fassbender decide to come clean.

Another allegation about Vikander surfaced online in 2023, claiming that she had miscarried in 2022 and that this had caused her to take a vacation from performing to concentrate on her family and health.

This allegation stemmed from untrustworthy tabloid sources that stated Vikander miscarried in February 2022, at four months pregnant with her second child.

Furthermore, according to the newspaper, Vikander was saddened by the miscarriage and put her busy work and travel schedule at fault. But this rumour seems completely false and insensible, with no proof or verification to back it up.

What has Vikander been up to as of late?

Vikander has been busy working on multiple projects in 2022 and 2023, but she has not disclosed that she had a miscarriage or any other health problems.

She starred in three Netflix original films: the drama Blue Bayou, the biographical The Glorias, and the thriller The Earthquake Bird.

Furthermore, Vikander is expected to play Lara Croft one more time in the 2024 release of Tomb Raider 2.

In light of these details, it appears improbable that Vikander miscarried in 2022. Spreading false and damaging rumours about her is wrong. We hope that Vikander stays well and happy, enjoying her life as a mother and a renowned actress.

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