Is Ali Velshi still on MSNBC? High-Profile Muslim Anchors Sidelined at MSNBC

A recent report has shed light on the sidelining of three high-profile Muslim anchors at MSNBC, an American news television channel owned by NBC Universal.

This decision has come at a time when the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, specifically the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip, has dominated global headlines. After this decision, people are wondering if Ali Velshi is still on MSNBC or not.

Let’s hop into the article and find out the names of anchors being terminated from MSNBC and if Ali Velshi is among them too or not.

NBC’s Response: Coincidental Changes

In response to the report, NBC has termed these scheduling changes “coincidental.”

They deny any intention of sidelining these high-profile Muslim broadcasters in connection with the cessation of hostilities in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, this response has sparked skepticism and concern among MSNBC staff members.

Is Ali Velshi still on MSNBC?

Yes, Ali Velshi is still on MSNBC. However, after the Israeli-Palestine war, Ali Velshi, a Muslim orgin news anchor, has been sidelined at MSNBC.

The report from Semafor revealed that three prominent Muslim anchors, namely Mehdi Hasan, Ayman Mohyeldin, and Ali Velshi, have been “quietly taken out of the anchor’s chair.” These journalists have played a significant role in providing news and analysis on MSNBC.

Is Ali Velshi still on MSNBC
Is Ali Velshi still on MSNBC?

Scheduling Changes and Reversals

The report pointed out that MSNBC had notably not aired the Thursday night episode of “The Mehdi Hasan Show” on its streaming platform, Peacock.

Furthermore, the network reversed its plan to replace Joy Reid with Ayman Mohyeldin for the channel’s 7 p.m. show.

Additionally, it was reported that Ali Velshi will be replaced by Alicia Menendez for the weekend slot. Menendez hosts “American Voices” on Saturdays and Sundays.

A Look at the Anchors

Mehdi Hasan: Mehdi Hasan: An English American TV journalist of Indian descent, Mehdi Hasan has secured “The Mehdi Hasan Show” on Peacock since October 2020 and on MSNBC since February 2021. He is known for his passionate and argumentative style of on-air debating.

Ayman Mohyeldin: An Egypt-born, New York-based journalist for NBC News and MSNBC, Mohyeldin currently hosts the weekly prime-time show “Ayman” on MSNBC.

Ali Velshi: A US-based Canadian journalist, Velshi has been reporting for NBC News since October 2016 and also serves as a news host for the MSNBC channel.

Staff Concerns and Expertise

According to the Semafor report, staff members at MSNBC have expressed concerns about these changes. They believe that all three anchors, Hasan, Mohyeldin, and Velshi, possess deep knowledge of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This expertise is considered invaluable in providing comprehensive and nuanced coverage of the ongoing situation.

MSNBC’s Alignment and Solidarity

The report suggests that these scheduling changes coincide with MSNBC’s alignment with the Democratic Party and its “intense solidarity” with the Israeli regime.

This shift has been met with internal and external objections to anything that deviates from this solidarity, including on social media.

Interestingly, the three MSNBC journalists, Hasan, Mohyeldin, and Velshi, have taken a different stance regarding the recent Israeli-Hamas conflict compared to the network’s overall position.

Ali Velshi’s Approach

Ali Velshi, too, has used his social media platforms to portray himself as someone who does not sympathize with the Palestinian resistance.

He shared an article referring to the Hamas operation as a “deadly terror attack in Israel,” indicating a perspective that aligns with the Israeli regime’s stance. He failed to acknowledge the attack’s context, where it targeted occupiers.

A Departure from the Occupied Territories

Velshi’s recent announcement on social media, indicating his departure from the occupied territories, has fueled speculation that he may have been sidelined from his job despite his attempts to take a somewhat neutral position on the conflict.

Mixed Reception

All three journalists, Hasan, Mohyeldin, and Velshi, despite their attempts to present a balanced approach to the conflict, have received mixed reviews.

Their positions have raised questions about the extent to which Americans value free speech and nuanced discourse in the media.

Ali Velshi has been quietly terminated from MSNBC, along with the other two Muslim news anchors.

The sidelining of these high-profile Muslim anchors at MSNBC, whether coincidental or not, raises important questions about the media’s role in reflecting diverse perspectives on global issues.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains a contentious and highly sensitive topic, and media outlets like MSNBC play a pivotal role in shaping public opinion and understanding.

The ongoing debate over their approach underscores the challenges and complexities faced by journalists and networks when addressing such polarizing subjects.

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