Is Abby Phillips leaving CNN? What happened to Philips on CNN?

Abigail D. Phillip was born on November 25, 1988, in Virginia, U.S., to realtor June and teacher Carlos Philip. Afro-Trinidadian by heritage. She grew up with five siblings.

Her family was forced to relocate back to Trinidad and Tobago when Phillip was nine years old, but they quickly made their way back to the United States.

Philips went to Bowie High School while growing up in Bowie, Maryland. She enrolled at Harvard University to pursue a premedical degree after graduating.

However, she did earn a bachelor’s degree in government in 2010. Moreover, she wrote for “The Harvard Crimson” when she was in university.

When did Abby start working with CNN?

Philips joined CNN to cover the Trump administration in 2017. As the anchor of Inside Politics Sunday, an hour-long in-depth discussion on the week’s most significant political storylines featuring a diverse array of analysts and news-making interviews, Abby Phillip works as CNN’s senior political correspondent.

CNN NewsNight with Abby Phillip, which airs weeknights at 10 p.m. ET, is hosted by Abby Phillip. Phillip, motivated by the facts and his quest for the truth, will approach the major stories of the day with intelligence and brilliance. With her distinguished history of tenacious Washington reporting, Phillip provides a distinct perspective on the intricacy of contemporary issues.

In frank interviews with influential people, Phillip maintains their integrity and facilitates thought-provoking discussions featuring diverse viewpoints.

She previously served as the anchor of Inside Politics Sunday and a senior political correspondent for CNN. She began working for the network in 2017 as a White House correspondent, a position she held until 2019.

Achievements of Abby in CNN?

She served as moderator for CNN’s Democratic Presidential Debate in Iowa in January 2020. Additionally, she served as the anchor of a special election night broadcast on American television in 2020, which ran for several days before CNN was the first news organization to predict Joe Biden as the winner.

In January 2021, she was the anchor of a CNN Special Report titled Kamala Harris: Making History, which highlighted the Vice President’s history of shattering stereotypes and the early experiences that influenced her.

Formerly a national political reporter for The Washington Post, Phillip covered the White House before joining CNN.

Phillip worked as an ABC News digital political reporter before coming to the Washington Post. She has also covered lobbying and campaign finance for POLITICO, in addition to the Obama White House.

In 2021, Phillip received the Women of Power award from the National Urban League and was listed in Time 100 Next.

Is Abby Phillips leaving CNN?

No, Abby Philips still works for CNN and anchors CNN NewsNight with Abby Phillip airing weeknights at 10pmET. Four executives from the business and programming sectors have been in charge of CNN since its CEO, Chris Licht, was fired in early June.

Is Abby Phillips leaving CNN
Abby Phillips

However, the network made a significant splash on Monday by reaffirming a prime-time daily lineup that had been in flux for almost a year.

Before Don Lemon’s disastrous shift to the mornings, Abby Phillip, a former Washington Post reporter and current host of the network’s Sunday morning political talk show “Inside Politics,” will take over as the show’s permanent host at 10 p.m. on weekdays. “CNN NewsNight with Abby Phillip” is what it will be called.

The network also revealed that Laura Coates, the chief legal analyst for CNN, will anchor its weekday 11 p.m. hour.

The two Black journalists were promoted in response to worries raised by some CNN employees earlier this year that there was not enough diversity on the air during the network’s most prominent hours following Lemon’s firing in April and rumors that Coates would lose her temporary host position at 11 p.m.

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