Is Abby Phillips leaving CNN? CNN’s Diversity Approach Revealed

The network made a significant splash on Monday by reaffirming a prime-time daily roster that has been in flux for almost a year.

The two Black journalists were promoted in response to worries raised by some CNN employees earlier this year that there wasn’t enough diversity on the air during the network’s most prominent hours following Lemon’s departure in April and rumors that Coates would lose her temporary host position.

Who is Abby Phillips?

Born on November 25, 1988, Abigail Daniella Phillip is a CNN anchor and senior political correspondent, currently hosting CNN NewsNight.

She has previously worked as a national political reporter for The Washington Post, a digital reporter for politics at ABC News, and a political reporter for Politico, covering the Obama White House.

Phillip started her media career as a Politico blogger and White House reporter, covering lobbying and campaign finance problems.

After joining CNN in 2017, Phillip covered the Trump White House. Before joining CNN, she performed broad assignments and covered national politics for The Washington Post.

She also worked for ABC News, where she was a digital correspondent in New York City and an ABC News Fellow. She has also made several guest appearances on C-SPAN.

Is Abby Phillips Leaving CNN?

No, Abby Phillips’ departure from CNN is not as true as reported. The details given indicate that Abby Phillips is still a full-time employee of CNN and will carry on hosting her program, CNN NewsNight with Abby Phillip, which airs every weekday at 10:00 p.m.

Is Abby Phillips leaving CNN
Abby Phillips

According to reports, CNN confirmed that Abby Phillips would not be leaving the network after revealing a new prime-time schedule that made it obvious that she would be staying on as a regular host. 

The lineup adjustments, which include the confirmed addition of Abby Phillips as a permanent anchor, are purportedly part of an attempt to balance diversity throughout CNN’s staff, particularly in light of Don Lemon’s departure.

According to the report, the company’s dedication to diversity and tolerance is demonstrated by the promotion of Abby Phillips and Laura Coates.

What successes has Abby Phillips experienced while working for CNN?

Abby Phillips has accomplished a great deal at CNN. Among her many accomplishments is her coverage of the 2020 elections, during which she was the first reporter to correctly predict that now-President Joe Biden would win.

In addition, she oversaw CNN’s Democratic Presidential Debate in Iowa and was honored with the Women of Power Award for her exceptional contributions to the media.

What do the elevation of Abby Phillips and the lineup adjustments for CNN mean?

CNN believes that Abby Phillips’s elevation and the lineup adjustments are important for preserving a diverse workplace.

It is acknowledged that promoting inclusivity is crucial in the modern era, and these choices should help CNN succeed in the long run.

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