How Old Is Ni-Ki From Enhypen? The Rising Japanese Pop Star

According to his zodiac sign, Ni-ki’s ideal type is someone trustworthy who possesses a strong spirit of adventure and curiosity.

Ni-ki, a Sagittarius, would get along best with other Sagittarius people, Aquarius people, Aries people, or Leo people.

Ni-ki is an ENFJ; hence, an INFP or ISFP would be his ideal personality type, according to the MBTI. These personality types can offer stability and can decipher the emotional language of ENFJs.

Like Ni-ki, ENFJs are very giving in relationships and will put their partner’s needs first.

How old is Ni-Ki from Enhypen?

Ni-Ki is 18 years old. When Ni-ki competed on the television programme I-LAND, he was 14 years old. Ni-ki is six feet and 183 centimetres tall.

He is among ENHYPEN’s tallest members. His hometown is Japan’s Okayama. If you travel to Japan, he suggests that you visit Okayama.

How Old Is Ni-Ki From Enhypen

He is Enhypen’s lone Japanese and newest maknae (member). Born on December 9, 2005, he made his Enhypen debut at the age of just 14. Ni-ki was Shinee’s backup dancer in the past.

What was Ni-Ki’s childhood like?

Ni-ki spent his childhood attending his parents’ dance studio. At five years old, he began dancing. Ni-ki thinks well of Michael Jackson. He picks up choreographies quite quickly.

In twenty minutes, he had the choreography for the last I-LAND episode committed to memory.

He claims that he usually just requires ten minutes to learn something while other individuals take roughly an hour. Niki finished fourth on I-LAND.

What are some of Ni-Ki’s predilections?

 Ni-Ki is envious of people with big shoulders. During I-LAND, Ni-ki was shorter than several of the ENHYPEN members, but by the time of their debut, she had outgrown them.

He is an ENFJ, according to MBTI. His personality traits include extraversion, intuition, feeling, and judgement.

As a Sagittarius, he initially gained notoriety for drawing promoters’ attention during his SHINee onstage performance.

Riki’s mother stays at home to raise the family, and he has two sisters, one older than the other. Riki has loved singing and dancing since she was young.

At three years old, he began dancing, and at five, he enrolled in an artistic academy. He soon started mimicking Michael Jackson just from DVDs, and he was able to win his family over.

In addition to “Little Michael Jackson,” Riki has also been referred to as “Super Dancer.”

Riki served as SHINee’s backup dancer from 2016 to 2017. An ardent supporter of the South Korean rapper Key, he once collaborated with him on a well-known show.

Riki participated in the weekly broadcast of the survival challenge series “I-Land” in 2020, which included 23 male trainees and ran from June 26 to September 18.

Riki placed fourth in the final episode of the show. Yang Jung-won, Lee Hee-seung, Jake, Jay, Park Sung-hoon, Kim Sun-oo, and Riki himself were the top contenders. The seven children went on to form the boy group ENHYPEN.

When the group premiered their extended play, “Border: Day One,” ENHYPEN initially gained notoriety.

With 318,528 copies sold domestically, the EP peaked at number two on the South Korean Gaon Album Chart and number 39 on the Japanese Oricon 2020 Yearly Album Chart.

In 2020, it became the best-selling album released by a K-pop group. They won the “Next Leader Award” at “The Fact Music Awards” later that year, and the song was certified “Platinum” by the Korea Music Content Association (K.M.C.A.) in February 2021, marking the group’s first formal success in the nation.

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