How did Liver King lose an eye? Getting to the Bottom of Things

Supermarkets and worldwide centres are uncommon in the lexicon of Liver King. He rears his own animals in order to devour their organs while putting up with bizarre exercises.

A little background on Liver King

Brian Johnson, often known as Liver King on the internet, is an American wellness, web-based entertainment, fitness, and money manager.

He is well-known for promoting what he calls a “familial way of life,” which includes eating a lot of raw natural organs and flesh, as well as consuming liver on a daily basis.

Nutritionists have criticised his eating habits as potentially dangerous. Johnson teaches his nine “familial principles”: rest, eat, move, protect, interface, cold, sun, battle, and link.

Johnson was born in the year 1978. He supported his significant other’s dental practice prior to becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Liver King Eye
Liver King (Source: Facebook)

Johnson’s dietary suggestion of eating raw meat has been condemned as dangerous due to the risk of bacterial disease from its consumption.

Johnson’s meat-rich diet is high in saturated fat, which has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular sickness and higher cholesterol levels, as well as stomach-related ailments.

This, according to Johnson, entails eating platefuls of bull’s testicles, crude livers, and cow’s cerebrums. He promotes his way of life through healthy supplements, personalised food advice, and workout routines.

How did Liver King lose an eye?

Liver King suffered an eye injury while struggling with an alligator. Three days after the accident, a retinal specialist visits him at home and informs him that there is too much haemorrhaging to diagnose the problem.

When he returns, he informs him that the remedial surgery is too complex for him to undertake and that surgery is required right now. Liver King even went to a Shaman for assistance in healing the eye.

How did Liver King lose an eye
How did Liver King lose an eye?

The next day, he spent two hours performing diagnostic tests. The renowned retinal specialist arrived to speak with him. According to the doctor, his eye was ruined. It’s too messed up to even try to repair. If they proceed, numerous procedures will be required.

Liver King will develop cataracts within two years and lose central vision after five corrective procedures. Despite his best attempts, Liver King will eventually lose sight in his right eye. He also has cerebral damage.

Good, then tell me the bad news, doctor. Liver responds. The one-eyed Liver King has arrived. Everything in life is a gift, and this is no exception. In upcoming confessionals, Liver King discusses his eye damage, how it occurred, and how he plans to go ahead.

He’s not going down without a fight. Having said that, Liver King is utilising all new and ancient technology to aid in healing.

One night, Liver King’s shaman held a cacao ceremony focusing on blessings and recovery, and the following day, there was a mushroom ceremony with a focus on Liver King’s condition.

In Liver’s son’s words, “I pray that your eye heals, and I am glad that you are showing and teaching us how to remain positive, especially in the face of adversity.” On any given day, Liver King can be found reviewing his court in a lakeside area just north of Houston.

Personal relationships of Liver King

Liver King is married to Barbara Johnson, also known as Liver Queen. She is frequently seen behind the scenes in his TikTok and Instagram videos. Barbra works as a dentistry subject matter specialist while also adhering to her better half’s tribal lifestyle.

She refers to her husband Brian as “Bear” and embraces his diet consisting of raw hamburger liver, protein drinks, egg yolks, and bone marrow. Liver Queen, like her significant other, is an exercise enthusiast.

As of October 2022, she has just under 75K followers on her Instagram account, @theliverqueen. There, she posts a tonne of lifestyle videos that incorporate her family’s insane food pattern and health system.

The couple has two sons, who are commonly referred to as the Savage Liver Lads. Their oldest Stryker is believed to have been born in 2007, while their most recent Rad was born two years later, in 2009.

They contribute significantly to Liver King’s current way of life. When they began to have health problems, Johnson read a book by Sally Fallon that claims to challenge “politically correct nourishment and diet” for answers.

From that moment forward, the family began to live according to the nine tribal inhabitants: eat, rest, move, sparkle, interface, cold, sun, battle, and link.

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