How did Felix die in Saltburn? Revealing Deceit and Betrayal in Saltburn

In the tense thriller “Saltburn,” Jacob Elordi plays Felix Catton, who befriends Jacob Dudman’s character Oliver.

Felix inexplicably passes away during a Midsummer Night’s Dream-themed party at the Catton family mansion.

When it is discovered that Oliver was operating under a false identity and that the champagne had been tampered with, creating a web of deceit and mystery, Felix’s death starts to look suspicious.

How did Felix die in Saltburn?

Felix’s cause of death isn’t immediately apparent; it is eventually discovered that Oliver tampered with the champagne bottle he handed Felix during their argument in the maze.

Felix discovers that Oliver is not precisely who he has been claiming to be, which is the first major turn in the relationship between Felix and Oliver Saltburn.

Felix drives his friend to visit them for his birthday, revealing that he comes from a nice middle-class family instead of being the impoverished only child of a drug-addicted mother and deceased father.

Oliver is obviously upset that his lie has been exposed, and later that evening, at a sumptuous Midsummer Night’s Dream-themed birthday celebration that the Catton family has planned for Oliver at the estate, things reach a breaking point.

Felix follows Oliver into a maze as the party is going on, trying in vain to patch things up between them before Felix’s lifeless body is discovered there the following morning.

A mystery is revealed about Felix's tragic fate.
A mystery is revealed about Felix’s tragic fate.

Felix Finds that Oliver isn’t who he says he is

Oliver’s deceit in trying to win Felix over is exposed in the last act. Felix appears to be his target.

Oliver is originally given the impression that Felix and the Cattons have taken pity on him because the audience is made to understand that he is impoverished and comes from a challenging household.

Oliver is treated like a humorous pet project by his mother, Lady Elsbeth (Rosamund Pike) and sister, Venetia (Alison Oliver), while his cousin Farleigh (Archie Madekwe) makes fun of him for his low social status.

However, Oliver’s well-planned falsehoods come apart when Felix gives him a birthday surprise trip to see his mother.

His father is still alive, his mother does not suffer from drug addiction, the family does not live in poverty, and his loving parents own a lovely suburban home.

Following the extravagant birthday celebration Elsbeth and her husband James have planned for Oliver, Felix naturally feels deceived and gives Oliver the order to discreetly depart Saltburn.

Does Oliver kill Felix?

When Felix is discovered dead in the maze the following day, the evidence points to Oliver.

Oliver is viewed with suspicion by Farleigh and Venetia in particular, but Oliver divides the family against one another.

Oliver makes the final straw when he accuses Farleigh of pushing Felix to use drugs, leading Elsbeth and James to throw him out of the house.

Later, distraught about Oliver’s ability to integrate himself into the Catton family, Venetia seems to end her life by stabbing herself.

Elsbeth, who has lost both of her children, begs Oliver to stay at Saltburn and grows close to him without Felix and Venetia. Oliver is eventually convinced by a worried James to go.

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