Did Taylor and Austen hook up?

Shep Rose offers insight into the tragic incident involving his best buddy Austen Kroll and his ex-girlfriend Taylor Ann Green on Southern Charm Season 9, Episode 4.

Continue reading to hear Shep discuss their chat and see why he behaved as he did.

Shep’s reaction

In case you missed it, Austen confessed on the Southern Charm show from October 5 that they had hooked together once, contrary to what Taylor had previously told Olivia Flowers.

Before Austen could clarify what exactly that meant, the broadcast ended with a “to be continued” message. Still, Andy Cohen made sure to ask Shep what he believed Austen meant in the following episode.

According to Andy, “What must you have replied when Austen asked you to define hooking up at the end of tonight’s episode?”

“This corresponds to Bill Clinton [saying] ‘I had no intimate relations,'” Shep laughed as he answered. “Well, what would that mean?”

For her part, Olivia deemed Austen’s ambiguity to be “fitting.”

Did Taylor and Austen hook up?

It was forced upon them, according to Taylor. Taylor Ann Green has started to explain why she was drawn to link up with Austen Kroll, the best friend of her ex-boyfriend Shep Rose.

Did Taylor and Austen hook up
Did Taylor and Austen hook up?

The 28-year-old surprises Olivia Flowers, Taylor’s close friend and Austen’s ex, in Thursday’s episode of Southern Charm.

When the two friends get together at a restaurant, Olivia, 31, starts off the awkward discussion by letting Taylor, 36, know that she’s heard Jarrett “JT” Thomas has been questioning Austen, 36, about allegations of an ongoing romance between them following their hookup after their respective breakups. (Austen and Olivia only dated briefly in season 8 before calling it quits; Taylor and Shep ended their relationship in February.)

Taylor then describes what truly transpired between her and Olivia’s ex following their encounter after a brief period of tense hesitance.

“After New York, when we had been both not in good circumstances with each of our [exes] — he was not in an excellent spot with you, and I was not in a helpful position with Shep — yet we generated such a bond in the middle of that exposure, and that just unconditional disintegration and the two of us were forced together because of our situations,” she recounts. “I looked like, ‘I mean, Austen, is this something that we explore?'”

Shep Rose’s relationship with Taylor

Shep recently stated in an interview that his current relationship with Taylor is “good” despite all the controversy.

“I’ve made a conscious decision to live my life on the high road, and I deeply care for her.,” Shep said. “I always will. And I believe that’s reciprocal.

Shep and Taylor continue to largely maintain their distance from one another.

We haven’t delved into each other’s personal lives regarding other friends, partners, or the dating scene. That should work for the time being. I hope we can,” Shep added.

He continued, “I occasionally text Taylor and her mother, as well as Taylor. She plays a significant role in the mosaic of who I am. She’s a significant component of that quilt; I admire and respect that. Never once would I ignore her. The zebra shirt off my back is what I would give her.

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