Did Tara and Jake break up? Who is Jake dating now?

Like most influencers, Jake is well-known for giving his followers glimpses into his personal life, and he has always been willing to share personal details with his audience, including his dating life.

But who is the creator dating now? Here’s what we know so far.

Currently, Jake has not publicly posted with anyone new since his split from longtime girlfriend Tara in mid-2023, but some rumors online suggest he’s currently dating a model named Kenzie.

At this time, this is just a rumor about who Jake is dating, and he may be still single. That said, many of his followers haven’t quite let go of his relationship with his ex.

Who are Tara and Jake?

Tara Yummy, a well-known American model, YouTuber, and Instagram sensation, became a sensation with her engaging videos on YouTube and captivating content on Instagram.

Her popularity skyrocketed thanks to her entertaining posts that connected with a broad audience.

In contrast, Jake Webber, a well-known comedian and creator of engaging content, has established himself as a major player in the online community.

His humorous and engaging videos have gained him a sizable fan base, drawing in a diverse audience.

Did Tara and Jake break up?

Yes, Tara and Jake have parted ways.In September 2023, beloved YouTube personalities Tara Yummy and Jake Webber surprised their followers by revealing they were going their separate ways after being together for five years.

Did Tara and Jake break up
Is Jake still dating Tara?

They explained that they felt stuck in their relationship and wanted to focus on their growth.

Tara and Jake reassured everyone that they still care about each other and intend to remain friends despite their breakup.

Tara and Jake
Tara and Jake

They see this as a fresh beginning rather than an ending and are optimistic about what the future holds for their relationship.

To officially announce to their fans that they were splitting up—they put a video on Jake’s channel called “Jake and Tara: Break Up.”

In the 16-minute video, they talk about why they decided to split up while enjoying some pizza, and although we are only watching, it appears like they handled the split extremely maturely.

We rationalized that there was no better way to end a relationship than over pizza and acknowledged that, although it is sad to break up, we had to.

Jake said, Because I believe it is important, we will always be individuals. Being unique is also a special quality. We’re both young, and we haven’t experienced our adult lives.”

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