Did Natalie and Todd break up? Candid Insights into Their Relationship and Breakup

Relationships frequently pique fans’ and followers’ interest in the endlessly fascinating world of influencers. Two well-known figures on social media, Todd and Natalie, have received their fair share of attention.

With an intriguing past and a journey marked by highs and lows, fans are eager to know more about their current status.

Fans are reportedly curious to learn Todd and Natalie’s current relationship status. We will talk about Todd and Natalie’s backgrounds, how they met, and whether or not they are still together in this post.

Todd from the Vlog Squad

Former bartender Todd Smith is a YouTube star. Together with his roommates Scotty Sire, David Dobrik, Heath Hussar, Zane Hijazi, and Elton Castle, he is currently an influencer on social media. He grew up in Huntington Beach, California, where he was born.

Thanks to his hilarious videos, which made this YouTuber well-known. Todd’s humorous approach and captivating skits have captured the attention of viewers.

Did Natalie and Todd break up?

Yes, in July 2023, Todd and Natalie called it quits. Todd and Natalie’s breakup was eventually made public by the “All the Good Things” podcast! Natalie has not discussed the split in public.

Nevertheless, followers have observed that she has deleted all references to Todd from her social media pages.

Did Natalie and Todd break up
Did Natalie and Todd break up?

Before their breakup, Todd and Natalie had been dating for two years. They became acquainted via the Vlog Squad, a collective of YouTubers who produce videos together. Natalie used to appear frequently in Todd and the Vlog Squad’s videos.

Todd’s Instagram suggests that the couple may have begun dating in 2019. In the captions of a Christmas 2019 photo he posted of himself with Natalie, 23, on her birthday, Todd proposed to her. In Dobrik’s vlogs, Todd has frequently shared his deep affection for Natalie.

Naralie Noel from David Dobrik

Natalie Mariduena, also known as Natalie Noel, was David Dobrik’s assistant for a long time. But now she’s a successful creator of her own and also president of David Dobrik LLC.

This company invests in early-stage startups in addition to operating a restaurant and fitness nutrition company with its product lines.

Natalie Noel, a model and influencer for Sports Illustrated, has 3.5 million Instagram followers as a result of her sincerity and her pursuit of living fully and savoring each moment.

Vernon Hills, Illinois, was the birthplace of Natalie Noel, formerly known as Natalie Mariduena. She graduated from Vernon Hills High School in Vernon Hills, then went to Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois, where she majored in psychology and environmental studies.

Todd and Natalie’s Past Relationships

Natalie’s first husband was businessman Zenon Pierides. Due to bankruptcy, he made his way back to Ukraine. Natalie’s second husband, Mr. Podyakov, was her spouse for eight years.   

Is Natalie dating David?

David and Natalie have been friends for years and have mentioned multiple times on vlogs and David’s podcast that they’re just childhood friends, and now Natalie is David’s assistant. They like to drag along this idea of them being in a relationship, but they have clarified they aren’t.

Meanwhile, the relationship history of Todd is also no less. Before dating Natalie, Todd Smith was in relationships with Olivia O’Brien (2019) and Corinna Kopf (2017 – 2018).

Natalie Noel and Todd Smith’s relationship

He even posted a photo of the couple from 2019 with the comment, “I asked her to be my girlfriend.” In David Dobrik’s vlogs, Todd also discussed his feelings for Natalie candidly.

He was seen on camera sneaking out of Natalie’s room in February 2020, against her wishes. These incidents strengthened the notion that they were romantically connected.  

Another way Todd showed Natalie how much he loved and cared for her was by writing a song specifically for her, which her fans adored.

The couple is frequently spotted attending different gatherings and events together, and they frequently post adorable photos of one another on social media.

Who is Natalie dating right now?

As of right now, there is no evidence that Natalie Noel is dating anyone. She was, nevertheless, previously connected to influencer Toddy Smith.

After dating for over three years—beginning in February 2020—the couple decided to break up in 2023. Natalie and Todd last shared a post at the end of March 2023.

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