Did Mary Lou Retton have a stroke? Unveiling the mystery

When Mary was eight years old, she was inspired by watching Nadia Comăneci defeat the defending Olympic two-event champion Olga Korbut on television during the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, and she began training in gymnastics in her hometown.

Who is Mary Lou Retton?

Retired American gymnast Mary Lou Retton won two silver medals, two bronze medals, and a gold medal in the individual all-around competition at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

Her birthday is January 24, 1968. Her performance led to her becoming one of the most well-liked athletes in the US. Mary made Olympic gymnastics history by becoming the first American woman to win the all-around gold medal. 

Fairmont, West Virginia, was the birthplace of Mary Lou Retton. Rotunda was the original name of the family. Ronnie, her father, ran a company that sold equipment for the transportation of coal.

She went to Fairmont Senior High School, but she never received her diploma. She participated in the Olympics in 1984 while a sophomore in high school in Los Angeles, California. 

Retton quickly started to establish herself in the US under the Károlyis, taking home the 1983 American Cup and finishing second to Dianne Durham at the US Nationals.

Did Mary Lou Retton have a stroke?

There is no evidence in the public domain that Mary Lou Retton has ever experienced a stroke. Mary Lou Retton’s health has been a subject of discussion, particularly after some people speculated that she may have had a stroke while watching an advertisement.

Did Mary Lou Retton have a stroke
Did Mary Lou Retton have a stroke?

Recently, there has been a buzz on the internet about the health of Mary Lou Retton, the legendary American gymnast. However, as of 2023, it’s important to clarify that Mary Lou Retton is not currently sick.

Even though there have been worries and rumors about her health, none of them are true.

Hip dysplasia is a congenital condition that impairs the growth of the hip joint and results in pain and restricted mobility. This illness has been present since birth. Her years of gymnastics competition aggravated this condition.

She had hip replacement surgery on her left hip in her mid-thirties, followed by another procedure on her right hip in 2015.

She also had an overactive bladder (OAB), which is characterized by a strong urge to urinate and frequent urination. She sought medical attention, and these symptoms subsided.

She serves as the spokesperson for a national educational program that encourages people with OAB to seek a proper diagnosis and treatment as part of her commitment to educating people about OAB.

Mary Lou Retton continues to be a beloved icon of American sports and a source of inspiration for many, despite her health issues.

She continues to lead an active and inspiring life, making a positive impact on various fronts, including her advocacy work and her enduring love for gymnastics.

Mary Lou’s personal relations

The divorce between Shannon Kelley, her ex-husband, and Mary Lou Retton is being discussed openly. The retired Olympic gold medalist gymnast publicly disclosed her 27-year marriage breakup for the first time.

She claims that she is now prepared for a new chapter. On a “Dancing With the Stars” episode, Mary Lou Retton revealed that she was divorced.

Retton claimed that she and former football player Shannon Kelley, her husband of 27 years, divorced in February.

Shayla, 23, McKenna, 21, Skyla, 18, and Emma, 16, who are their four daughters, were praised for their assistance. The athlete was booted off the show, but she claimed that it had given her something to do after her divorce.

Retton, who married Kelley in 1990, claims that their divorce, which was concluded in February, was not the result of “one defining moment.” Retton claims that, despite feeling alone during the process, the couple’s four daughters supported her.

Retton acknowledges that she is a “pretty private person,” but she chose to announce her divorce in such a public way in order to be open and honest about everything she had been through.

Retton claims that many people got in touch with her after the show and expressed surprise when they learned that she and Kelley had broken up.

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