Did Liz and Brice Breakup? Who are Elizabeth and Brice from ‘7 Little Johnstons’?

TLC viewers may want to prepare for an emotional ride ahead of 7 Little Johnstons Season 14. This is due to Liz Johnston’s official disclosure that she and her longtime partner, Brice Bolden, are no longer together. Liz disclosed the shocking information and the reason behind their breakup in a video.

“So Brice and I are no longer together,” she said to the producers, tearing up and taking a moment to compose herself. Liz continued by stating that she spent her childhood observing her parents, Trent and Amber Johnston, to ensure that their romance persisted even after over 25 years of marriage.

“I want that, but I can not achieve it with someone who is happy to be in a decent relationship,” the single mother continued. “And because that is not who I am, I cannot be in a mediocre and fine relationship.”

In response to a producer’s question about her feelings, Liz said that she was experiencing “a lot of emotions,” but that she was primarily “angry” because things had “changed.” She also said that Brice, 25, was still “genuinely a good guy.”

“It is not possible for me to live like that,” Liz said, “when the relationship begins to mentally impact someone, when they do not feel loved, and they tried everything to keep the relationship going and to keep the spark alive, and then now they are exhausted from it, and then they just get pretty much depressed.”

Are Elizabeth Johnston and Brice Bolden still together?

Liz and Brice Breakup
Have Elizabeth and Brice broken up?

What one generally does when one goes through a breakup or heartbreak? He or she is often seen deleting the posts and pictures of the beloved person.

On social media, Liz has been seen acting in the same way. Liz has removed every Instagram photo she ever posted of herself and her partner, Brice. However, Brice didn’t deleted posts with Liz.

Have Elizabeth and Brice broken up

On December 11, 2022, Brice and Liz shared their final Instagram picture together. There have not been any new posts or relationship-related updates on social media since then. This has made speculations spark and made the situation fishy.

After Liz and Brice’s breakup rumors took over the web, fans took to social media to comment on Brice’s post. A fan wrote, “Please, please, please tell me y’all did not break up!! You looked so perfect together.” Another claimed, “Me too; it’s so sad to see them separated.

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