Did Levi die in the Attack on Titan? Characters Fates Change with Demises and Survivals

Attack on Titan’s finale episode was just published, and it had to be expected that not every central character made it through the series’ titanic showdown.

Apart from the evident challenge of navigating the realm and vanquishing the enormous Titans, the heroes now had to face their comrade Eren, who was now determined to destroy the world beyond Paradise Island.

Hajime Isayama frequently kills off popular characters to further the plot, and the tragic deaths of some of the most cherished characters, like Erwin and Hange, have occurred in prior seasons.

Many fans predicted a similar fate, given the magnitude of the struggle against Eren, but surprisingly, the number of losses among the principal characters was lower than expected.

The Main Character Meets His End

The only thing left to do was to murder Eren since he would not negotiate a surrender. Except for Armin and Mikasa, who gave up on a truce and were resolved to bury him, the Scouts marched into the battleground.

It was a shocking turn of events when Mikasa ended Eren’s life. E ren’s greatest love was the one who ended his crazy ideas. Therefore, this was a fitting death for him.

While it is uncommon for a series’ protagonist to pass away, it has happened in some anime. Though it was somewhat expected after Eren eliminated 80% of the population, this was the most significant and most startling death in the episode.

Eren says his goal was to turn everyone into heroes for beating him and gaining enough respect to defend Paradise Island once they finally meet again in the Paths reality.

He also says that everything that occurred was predestined based on his future visions and that he intended to stop the Titan threat by releasing Ymir Fritz from her love for King Fritz.

Did Levi die in the Attack on Titan?

No, Levi did not pass away. Levi was in bad health and lost three fingers and an eye, even before the last battle.

He battled through the discomfort after recovering from an explosion that left him primarily unconscious. He made tremendous contributions.

He helped Mikasa deliver the last blow, killed Zeke, and saved Conny. Despite surviving, he started using a wheelchair and lost his ability to move.

Did Levi die in the Attack on Titan

He then volunteered to assist the survivors. Nobody deserves a respite more than Levi Ackerman, especially after years of fierce fighting and losing many friends.

Zeke Accepts His Fate

Zeke was a pivotal figure in the narrative and helped shape how things turned out, but he had to depart. Eren employed him to initiate the Rumbling, and more people would perish as long as he lived.

He passed away on his terms and as a hero, even though his death was tragic. He gave himself up and yelled for Levi, from whom he had already fled several times, to come to complete the task.

Levi quickly cut Zeke’s head off and became free from his nightmare.

Ymir Is Freed From Her Chains

After 2000 years of obeying the Fritz Family’s commands, Ymir was ultimately freed with Mikasa’s assistance, which caused the Titans’ age to end and prevented Eldians from becoming Titans. The most depressing tale of them all is Ymir’s.

Despite obtaining great authority, King Fritz slaughtered her family and everyone she loved, leaving her helpless to stop him.

At last, love explained her continued allegiance to the monarch who had treated her horribly. She obeyed all of the wicked king’s descendants after falling in love with him. At last, the spell dissolved, and she was at peace.

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