Did Jibri and Miona break up? What is their relationship status?

The TLC pair Jibri and Miona debuted in season 9 of the show, and over the season, they struggled with several significant problems, chief among them being where to live. Were they able to get past their challenges so they could walk down the aisle and begin their new chapter in life?

A few red flags have been raised, including Jibri traveling alone to Thailand and Miona removing all of Jibri’s Instagram pictures.

It’s also possible, though, that these are simply indications that the relationship is going through a difficult time. Let’s find out the actual scenario.

90 Day Fiance

The American reality television series 90 Day Fiancé airs on TLC. It centers on couples who have been granted a K-1 visa, which is only granted to foreign fiancés of citizens of the United States and gives them 90 days to get married.

Launched on January 12, 2014, the show has nine seasons. Jibri and Miona were participants in this show.

Are Jibri and Miona married?

Jibri called Miona his “wife” during an interview with the Serbian news outlet Telegraf, six months after he proposed to her in Thailand.

He spoke of his love for Miona’s native country. When Jibri Bell and Miona Bell debuted on 90 Day Fiancé season 9, they were already married.

Did Jibri and Miona break up?

It’s still uncertain if they have broken up. Miona has deleted all of the photos and videos she had with Jibri from her feed.

The pair is renowned for their cohesiveness, and their Instagram posts—of which the majority were joint endeavors—also demonstrated this.

Even the wedding-related post that was pinned to the top of Jibri and Miona’s profile has been removed.

Did Jibri and Miona break up
Jibri and Miona

The couple had been posting pictures together at least since July 2023, when they celebrated their Pomeranian Moon’s birthday by throwing a puppy party and dressing the dog in matching denim.

Jibri posted a picture of himself on Instagram in October 2023, by himself, without Miona at his side. This came after Miona deleted every one of his images from her social media accounts.

A follower chose to leave a remark on his page, stating, Jibe, are you and your wife still together? I pray you both are.” Jibri replied with one word: “Yes.”

Although he did not go into detail about their predicament or address the lack of social media images of the pair, his succinct affirmation gave fans some optimism that maybe they are only having a little argument and that their marriage may still be salvaged.

Why did Jibri Bell move to Thailand without Miona?

90 Day Fiancé’s Jibri Bell has revealed why he traveled alone to Thailand and left Miona Bell behind in America.

Many fans of 90 Day Fiancé have been curious about the reasons behind the couple’s breakup. Thankfully, Jibri recently dispelled several speculations and revealed his motivation for visiting Thailand.

The South Dakota native recently posted a photo of himself with a monk on Instagram with the caption, “Coming to Thailand I wanted to deepen my knowledge of meditation.”

He went on to say that he came to the nation to learn more about mental and emotional self-control. The former member of 90 Day Fiancé requested his followers to recommend his next destination for him.

According to Jibri Bell of 90 Day Fiancé, he traveled to Thailand to expand his meditation skills and develop emotional and mental self-control.

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