Did Corey B and Alicia Break Up?

Tailing the popularity of Corey B and Alicia, social media loves a real power couple that can engage, entertain, and even connect on a personal level.

This article takes a closer look at the coziness of Corey B and Alicia, their journey to fame, and those speculations all around about their breakup.

Who is Corey B?

Corey Bonalewicz, an American social media influencer, boxer, comedian, radio personality, and content creator, goes by Corey B online.

Prior to becoming an on-air personality for the Chicago radio station B96, he gained recognition for his work as a DJ for Kidd Nation.

Corey’s social media accounts are primarily recognized for his humorous posts. In addition, he posts challenge videos, pranks, and vlogs.

Along with being a well-liked athlete, Corey is a professional boxer who shot to fame following a matchup with Paul Malignaggi of the United States.

Did Corey B and Alicia
The truth behind speculations about Corey B and Alicia.

Additionally, Corey is a well-known radio personality who has contributed to numerous excellent podcasts and shows, including Cane and the Corey Morning Show.

Who is Alicia?

Alicia Marie Aucoin, a 30-year-old, US-born internet personality, was adopted on August 15, 1990. She is well-known as the matriarch of the popular YouTube channel, The B Family.

She has become well-known there for her family vlogging, pranks, challenges, and lifestyle posts, which she shares with her long-time boyfriend and radio personality, Corey Bonalewicz.

The B Family

The dynamic duo behind The B Family, Corey B, and Alicia, have amassed a staggering 473K subscribers on their YouTube channel since joining in September 2017.

With 255 videos filled with funny couple content, pranks, challenges, and glimpses into their family life with their 7-8-year-old boy, they’ve become internet sensations.

Despite recent rumors swirling about their relationship, fans can rest assured that Corey B and Alicia are still going strong, continuing to delight their loyal followers with their infectious energy and humor.

Did Corey B and Alicia Break Up?

Did Corey B and Alicia Break Up

No, Corey B and Alicia have not broken up. Rumors about Corey B and Alica’s breakup arose after the couple deleted some of their pictures, but the couple did not break up because they continued to upload content together.

Neither Corey B. nor Alicia have made any public statements about this matter, and many possibly curious minds are wondering what sparked the rumors.

Nothing that suggests they have broken up has surfaced on social media. On Instagram, Alicia removed every post she ever made.

This was what she did at the start of the year. Many artists on Instagram use this method. Totally new year, a new me concept that has been here for a long.

It doesn’t mean that they have split up fgs. Some fans are convinced that people are looking for drama or something to gossip about where there is nothing.

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