Did Brittany and Jax Break Up?

Ever since they first met in Las Vegas in 2015, Brittany and Jax Taylor have been the center of attention.

Being two new names in the entertainment industry, their romance sprouted under the focused scrutiny from the camera and reality television until they became known on the Bravo show “Vanderpump Rules”, in which the last years were well documented, capturing both highs and lows of the couple’s love story.

And during this time it has been the tough news of their separation that has not left me indifferent. Brittany Jax’s connection sufficeth to discuss in the given article including a journey with highs and lows that somehow led to this stormy-weather end.

Jax Taylor

Jason Michael Cauchi, American TV personality Jax Taylor, works as a model and an actor too. He gained fame through his role on the Bravo show “Vanderpump Rules,” which followed the lives of individuals working at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Jax started his career as a model in Europe and eventually transitioned into television. He has appeared in various shows and had his spin-off show with Brittany called “Vanderpump Rules: The title “Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky,” aims to capture the essence of the show, which focuses on the lives of two young housemates as they navigate their way through the dating world while living together.

Did Brittany and Jax Break Up?

Did Brittany and Jax Break Up
Jax and Brittany’s relationship ends.

Brittany Cartwright

Brittany Cartwright is an aspiring famous model in the United States of America who is already making waves, using her relationship with Jax Taylor to her advantage.

She is also featured on several modeling portfolios and is active on social media platforms with the main focus of Instagram.

Yes, Jax Taylor has indeed divorced his wife, Brittany Cartwright after 4 years of marriage and 9 years altogether.

Vanderpump Rules’ former cast member Cartwright recently disclosed it on their pair podcast When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany. As there were already whispers going around about the divorce.

Brittany and Jax Break Up
Brittany and Jax

“Jack and I are on a hiatus, and for my mental health, I moved out to a different home where there is ample solitude to gather my thoughts and reflect,” she stated on February 29, 2024.

Conniving Taylor and the stiff Cartwright crossed paths in glitzy Vegas, and their relationship unfolded as a great storyline for Vanderpump Rules and their spin-off Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky.

It seemed as though their relationship also continued behind the camera in 2020 after they both left the venues.

Post reality TV show, Taylor has found love with Cartwright and they have a son Cruz between them while working on their projects without being apart from their previous Vanderpump Rules colleagues. They added a new program, called The Valley, which can be seen on Bravo on the 19th of March.

What’s more, they not only got engaged but began their family too, and there’s everything to know about the cozy existence of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

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