Bixby student killed in car accident: A Heartbreaking Tragedy

Following an automobile accident close to 121st Street and Yale Avenue in south Tulsa overnight on Wednesday, a 15-year-old Bixby girl passed away.

Kinsey Wright, a female soccer player and student at Bixby Public Schools, passed away due to her injuries, according to Tulsa police.

On Thursday, the officers informed us that the collision involved three cars instead of the two they had initially stated. A GoFundMe page has been established to assist Kinsey Wright’s family during this trying time. 

Who was that girl?

Born on March 27, 2008, Kinsey Wright is the sister of Krista and Damon Wright, as well as her brother Kade Wright. Kinsey cherished every sport.

But soccer was her favorite sport. Kinsey has participated in local competitions for two different teams: Academy FC and her current team, WSA. She participated in games in Bixby with her high school squad.

How and where did an automobile collision occur?

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported yesterday that a 15-year-old Bixby girl perished in an automobile accident shortly after 6 p.m.

She was traveling east on US-412 in a 2006 Ford Explorer. According to reports, Tucker collided with Wright’s vehicle, spinning it out and striking another vehicle.

What took place following the mishap?

Other BPS students were in the car with Wright as well as the driver. As of yet, little is known about their health.

Officers reported that after rolling a stop sign that caused the collision, 18-year-old Jacob Tucker was taken into custody on suspicion of negligent homicide.

Bixby student killed in car accident
Bixby student killed in car accident

In a letter to parents regarding the passing, BPS stated that Wright’s family has a long history with the district. Kinsey’s brother recently graduated in 2022, and her mother is a teacher at Bixby Middle School.

Who are the cops looking for?

OXBY, Oklahoma — A 19-year-old man from Bixby was accused of killing a 19-year-old woman who was riding with him in an accident.

After obtaining a warrant for Gabriel Henson’s arrest last week, Bixby Police arrested on Wednesday.

The scene of the collision at the intersection of North Riverview Drive and 151st Street, next to Bixby Soccer Club, still has crumpled metal and tire imprints in the grass.

According to Bixby Police, a patrol officer witnessed a BMW enter a roundabout the wrong way on a one-way street while en route to a report of underage drinking at a park.

Police said that after using their sirens and flashing lights to try to stop the car, it took off, ran a red light, struck a hump in the road, flipped, and threw its 19-year-old passenger, Marleny Loehr, also known as Gabby, out of the vehicle.

She died after being taken to the hospital in a hurry. There were four persons in the car overall.

What proofs and evidence have the police found thus far?

Law authorities found many open alcohol containers at the crash scene during the investigation. There’s now a moving tribute there, complete with photos, flowers, and a tennis racket.

The victim’s brother, Adam Loehr, claimed that his sister had a strong interest in sports and tennis. Her objective was to graduate from Metro Christian and enroll at John Brown University.

A man called Henson has been taken into custody by the police about the event. At first, he said that Loehr was behind the wheel.

But two witnesses later told the police that Henson had admitted to them that he was driving and that other passengers had told him to stop for them.

Henson was taken into custody and charged with driving without a license, transporting an open container, driving the wrong way on a one-way road, and felony first-degree murder. The event is still being looked into by the authorities.

What did Mike Daniel, Kinsey’s coach say?

Before suffering an ACL injury in the spring, Kinsey was a varsity starter for Bixby Girls Soccer Coach Mike Daniel’s team and left a lasting impression.

Our soccer family has experienced a devastating loss. As a friend, teammate, student, and athlete, Kinsey was exceptional.

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