Ben Kissel Update: Last Podcast on the Left Host’s Departure and Abuse Allegations

Fans are astonished and alarmed by Ben Kissel’s unexpected departure from the Left network’s The Last Podcast, the beloved true crime podcast host.

This article looks at the circumstances surrounding his resignation, paying special attention to his relationship with Taylor Moon and the claims of abuse.

We’ll go into more details about the situation as supporters eagerly seek clarification.

Ben Kissel’s Development: From Bud Light Limes to a Troubled Look

Over the years, there has been a discernible shift in Ben Kissel, the voice of reason on Last Podcast on the Left. He was a straight-laced comic at first, dating Brooke Rogers. But his look drastically changed, becoming more round-cheeked and sporting a long beard.

His breakup with Rogers and other possible underlying causes were among the theories that sparked this shift.

Ben Kissel’s Battle: Seeking Mental and Physical Health Treatment

It was disclosed on September 13 that Kissel would be pursuing medical attention for his “mental health and physical health.” Fans took this to mean that he was going to rehab, but it was obvious that something more important was going on in his life.

This choice came after his split from Taylor Moon, a relationship that Kissel characterized as primarily “long-distance.” This made people wonder if these incidents were related.

Taylor Moon’s Allegations of Abuse

Taylor Moon used social media after their breakup to make references to an upsetting event. Without specifically mentioning Kissel, she spoke about being pinned to a bed and exposed to disparaging remarks.

She later provided additional information about the alleged abuse on the Friends with Davey YouTube program. Moon recounted a disturbing evening in Las Vegas during which a disagreement with Kissel turned violent.

She described how uncomfortable it was to be pushed down and have Kissel press his forehead against hers. The fan base of The Last Podcast on the Left has been rocked by these discoveries.

Other Women’s Allegations and the Most Recent Podcast on the Left’s Reaction

Kissel was further implicated when Rolling Stone magazine conducted interviews with additional women who had similar tales to Moon’s.

Several of these women asserted that the other cast members of The Last Podcast on the Left were informed—even in real time—about these accusations.

It leaves fans to wonder if the network and podcast are trying to distance themselves from the incident in order to avoid getting canceled.

Ben Kissel’s Statement and Denial

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ben Kissel acknowledges his battle with alcoholism and provides an explanation for his propensity to form bonds with other trauma sufferers. He flatly refutes Moon’s allegations of verbal and physical abuse.

He highlights that the primary means of communication he had with Moon were texts, phone calls, and occasional in-person meetings, during which she frequently started conflicts.

He insists that he has never abused Moon or any other woman in his life, either physically or verbally. In spite of hardship, his words promote the propagation of love.

Ben Kissel Update: Last Podcast on the Left’s Response

The Last Podcast on the Left has not addressed the abuse claims against its former presenter; instead, it has solely addressed Kissel’s need for rehab as the reason for his absence from the show.

Ben Kissel Update
Ben Kissel Update

The show’s and its network’s fans are anxiously awaiting additional remarks or action to address the grave accusations that have surfaced.

In conclusion

There has been a lot of discussion in the true-crime podcast community about Ben Kissel’s departure from Last Podcast on the Left, his battles with alcoholism, and Taylor Moon’s abuse claims.

Although Kissel refutes the charges, other women have come forward with accounts that are comparable to his.

The matter is still complicated and upsetting as fans wait for more comments from the network and podcast, underscoring how crucial it is to handle and treat accusations of abuse with seriousness.

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