Ava Doyle accident – A 4-year girl dies after spending quality time with her family at the beach

The unfortunate reality is that tragedies typically take place in the middle of ordinary days, leaving loved ones traumatized and heartbroken.

This was the situation for a family from Midland, North Carolina, following the untimely death of their little princess.

From an early age, children develop incredibly complex personalities that astound parents with their uniqueness.

A couple loved their lively little girl and were excited to watch her grow up to be the woman she was meant to be.

For the unique girl, who was full of joy and boundless imagination, the sky was the limit. Sadly, she lost her light far too soon.

Four-year-old Ava Aurelia Doyle was a vivacious, humorous, and passionate child who was affectionately called “Bean” by her loved ones.

She enjoyed dressing up, acting like a princess, and gathering flowers from her backyard garden. It was said of the lovely girl that she was a dancing queen who loved entertaining friends and family.

Ava was a loving and responsible elder sister

Ava Doyle
A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Her mother, Karisa Rae Doyle, posted a sweet picture of Ava and her infant sister, Ainsley, on Instagram in August 2022. The delighted mother, who was struck by Ava’s devotion to her sibling, wrote:

“I hope these two continue to love each other as much as they do now as they grow older. It appears as though [Ava] was destined to be a big sister. Ava enjoys every minute of caring for Ainsley, and it comes so naturally to her.”

Their sisterly bond grew every day, and Karisa said it was something incredible to see. She imagined the precious girls supporting each other through the various phases of life and couldn’t wait to see them grow.

Ava Doyle accident

Ava passed away while playing on the beach.

The family went down to the beach on a warm September 2022 day. Ava made sandcastles, collected shells, and played in the waves.

The family captured the priceless moments on camera, and mother Karisa uploaded a video of her husband and two daughters playing in the water and enjoying the sunshine.

No one could have predicted tragedy lurking around the corner on such a perfect day.

The family broke the unexpected and shocking news that their beloved Ava had perished in a “tragic accident.”

For the Doyle family, a beachside morning quickly turned into a nightmare day. Parents Zack and Ava’s mom stated:

We are sharing this with utterly crushed hearts. Ava has gone home to the Lord. Without this bright star, we are attempting to figure out how to live.”

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