Are Katie and Vince still together? Their Rollercoaster of Love, $100,000, and Social Media Twists

Katie Thurston, former star of “The Bachelorette,” recently concluded her adventure on “FBoy Island” Season 3, making a significant choice in the finale.

The 32-year-old had to choose between Vince Xu and Benedict Polizzi, ultimately selecting Vince.

The season concluded with Katie and Vince sharing the $100,000 prize fund. Despite the initial happiness, recent updates on social media suggest that their romance has taken a different turn.

The Final Decision

In the season finale, which aired on The CW on December 8, Katie confronted a choice between Vince and Benedict.

Vince, who at first depicted himself as a “nice guy,” shared the delight of the award cash with Katie.

Are Katie and Vince still together
Katie and Vince

The finale exhibited Katie’s announcement of love for Vince, communicating that she had to be sure she tracked down love. Vince reciprocated the sentiments, considering the moment a “dream come true.”

Post-Finale Updates on Social Media

Following the finale, both Katie and Vince shared updates on their relationship through social media.

Katie took to Instagram, offering thanks for their shared involvement with Vince and sharing selfies of the two.

Vince answered with heart emoticons and reposted the picture on his Instagram story. The couple’s communications via social media indicated the continuation of their romance.

Are Katie and Vince still together?

No, Katie and Vince are not together at this point. In a resulting Instagram Story question and answer on December 9, Katie resolved the consuming inquiry regarding the situation with her relationship with Vince.

She confirmed that she and Vince are done dating. Regardless of this new development, Katie expressed gratitude for the experience and hilariously referenced that, assuming she were at any point requested to go on reality television to date once more, she ought to be dropped.

Katie’s excursion on reality dating shows has incorporated different endeavors without tracking down lasting love.

Katie Thurston’s Reality TV Journey

Katie Thurston originally showed up on “The Bachelor” during Matt James’ season in 2020. Hence, she turned into “The Bachelorette” in 2021, where she got drawn to Blake Moynes.

Be that as it may, the commitment didn’t stand the test of time, and Katie momentarily dated her former contestant, John Hersey.

“FBoy Island” denoted Katie’s return to the dating scene after her split with John Hersey.

Taking part in the satirical dating show, Katie found a more happy encounter compared with her Bachelor venture.

The unique arrangement permitted her to spend uninterrupted quality time with likely admirers, veering off from the organized elements of past reality TV dramas.

The “FBoy Island” Experience

The show gave Katie a pool of unidentified “nice guys” and “FBoys.” Vince, at first seen as a nice guy, revealed his actual goals after Katie’s decision. Then again, Benedict, a FBoy, amazed Katie by showing real affection for her.

Regardless of the underlying disarray, Katie navigated the twists of the show and eventually picked Vince.

Their common triumph in winning the cash award proposed a positive result. Nonetheless, recent developments via social media have given an alternate point of view on the couple’s journey post-show.

Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

Katie Thurston’s “FBoy Island” venture displayed the capricious nature of reality dating shows. While the show began with the commitment of love and money, the repercussions demonstrated that finding enduring love isn’t ensured, even in unpredictable settings.

Katie’s open disclosure of her dating encounters on reality television adds a dash of reality to the frequently sensationalized universe of televised romance.

As Katie and Vince push ahead separately, their story stays a section in the evolving scene of reality dating shows.

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