90 Day Fiancé’s Christian and Cleo – Are They Still Together?

Stars of 90 Day Fiancé Christian and Cleo met online and fell in love, but did their love last in real life? The Minnesotans made the long journey to meet Cleo on the other side of the globe, but it is obvious they have some challenges ahead of them if they hope their union will endure.

English native Cleo, 32, self-identifies as a transgender woman. More than a year ago, she connected with 30-year-old Christian, the self-described “life of the party,” on the internet. Though it began as a friendship, it developed into a serious relationship.

“I always related more to my female peers growing up,” she said in a teaser released in June 2023 on the official 90 Day Fiancé Instagram page. “I did everything I could to act like a man, but that is just not how I felt.”

90 Day Fiancé's Christian and Cleo
Christian and Cleo

We will talk about their relationship’s challenges in this post. Additionally, we will clarify here whether they are still together.

Stars of “90 Day Fiance,” Christian and Cleo: Are they still together?

No, the couple is not together anymore. While keeping the status of their relationship a secret, Cleo seemingly defended Christian after he got backlash from fans for flirting with other women in several scenes on the show while he was visiting her in London.

During the September 24 season 6 tell-all, the couple made it clear they were still together.

Nevertheless, their love affair ended following the Tell-All. Christian and Cleo broke up because they “could not deal with the complexities of a long-distance relationship on such a public scale,” Cleo confirmed on October 25.

Why did the couple break up?

‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Christian and Cleo split due to the “complexities of a long-distance relationship on such a public scale.”

The 32-year-old Englishwoman and her 31-year-old partner, Christian, are “no longer together,” according to a post she made on Instagram on October 25, saying that they “could not deal” with the pressure of the public eye while living apart from each other because Christian has continued to live in the United States.

Cleo added, “Please respect our privacy,” to her post. “Please know that I adore him and always will. I don’t regret the fact that he came into my life.

I was hoping we could be happily ever after, but we have very different personalities and emotional needs, and that was excruciatingly painful for both.”

Is Cleo from 90 Day Fiancé trans?

When Cleo made her 90 Day Fiancé debut, she talked about being transgender. “Male was my assigned gender at birth.

On the other hand, I identify as a transgender woman,” she said in her first episode. “As a child, I could always relate to my female peers more.”

She continued, “It was just so difficult to go about my daily life or to look in the mirror.” I can still picture myself praying before I went to sleep so that I would wake up the following morning as a girl.

However, I also felt that it was difficult enough as it is because I have autism, and I did not want to add anything more to the mix. I was afraid that most of the people in my life would never have accepted me.”

In a July 2023 Instagram photo of herself walking the runway, she made her pronouns clear. I wanted to make it clear that, even though I love their pronouns, I am not non-binary; rather, I have a female brain.

Since the show premiered, many people have told me that because I have not had surgery, I am simply a cross-dresser and not a real trans woman. I wish people understood that not having surgery wasn’t something I wanted.

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