Who Is The Hook Killer On The General Hospital? Is it Esme or Rory?

An American reality TV series called General Hospital. However, We will tell you about a horrifying General Hospital character. The Hook Killer is the name of this character.

In the ABC daytime soap General Hospital, there is a fictitious character named The Hook. On August 26, 2022, she was represented by an unidentified actor.

She then reappeared on September 13–14, September 26, and October 6, 2022. She was referred to as the “hook murderer” since he frequently utilized hooks to commit murder.

Hook Killer!

A significant figure on General Hospital is the Hook Killer and this character is a woman. The previous episode split the crowd in two. People want to know who is responsible for the Hook Killer. We do have some spoilers, though. Spoilers for General Hospital explain what happened in the strange attack in Port Charles.

Who Is The General Hospital’s Hook Killer?

As of today, nobody has been identified as the actual hook. However, Rory admits that he is the Hook Killer. The hook-killer is Rory. However, several in the group believed Olivia was the actual murderer.

Due to the overwhelming amount of evidence against Olivia Jerome, she is being identified as the murderer. According to the TV Season and Spoilers, the Hook Killer was a female.

Few individuals are aware of the murderer’s identity, but many people are interested in finding out. The assassin intended to murder every employee of the General Hospital. Some members survived, while others perished.

Is Rory The Hook the GH’s murderer?

On GH, Rory is the hook-killer. Could it be that Port Charles is being overrun by murderers thanks to the cute tough cop? We decided to investigate a fan idea that has gained some support on social media.

Who Is The Hook Killer On The General Hospital? Is it Esme or Rory?
Who Is The Hook Killer On The General Hospital? Is it Esme or Rory?

It would be quite odd if Rory is shown by the GH writers as a criminal. Many people think Rory committed these killings. However, they actually imply that Rory is the hook murderer.

Is Esme The Hook the General Hospital’s killer?

No! On GH, Esme is not the Hook Killer. Esme, the serial killer who appears in General Hospital, is actually the bio mother. But at the moment, Esme Prince seems to be the psychotic lunatic terrorizing the people of Port Charles. Esme’s most prominent foe is Ava Jerome, who was the first victim.


We’ve told you all about “General Hospital” and its strong character and friends. The hook killer is the name of the essence. In this series, this figure poses a severe threat. 

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