What Happened In General Hospital Yet? Quick Glimpses of 2022

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The most awaited article is here. The famous General Hospital has made our 2022 memorable with its fresh and unpredictable concept. What happened in the past year, i.e., 2022? Let’s explore all the beautiful moments here in this article.

Jittery January

Chase and Brook Lynn rent a home to keep “Bailey” hidden from curious eyes. Carly visited Nina, but she could not forget what Sonny had done to her. Marshall left the family, although he would not divulge any information about his whereabouts.

Fantastic February

Tracy was permitted to take care of Luke’s business in Amsterdam. After discovering Sonny in bed with Nina, Carly broke the news of their separation to him. Despite having been shot, Mac and Dante are anticipated to recover fully.

When Maxie and her daughter were reunited, she gave the child the name Bailey Louise. Anna chose to wait for Peter to pass away from his head injuries rather than dialing 911 for an ambulance. Sonny moved into the penthouse after Carly and Sonny arranged their divorce.

Marvelous March

Alexis was warned by Diane not to put her confidence in Harmony, and Willow was firm with Nina. When Elizabeth discovered Franco had painted her, she was shocked.

Sam, Drew, Anna, Laura, and Sam all argued that Luke’s death might have been caused by Victor. As they coped with the effects of a leaked “revenge porn” film, Cameron and Josslyn battled.

While Spencer was visiting his mother’s cemetery, Trina ran into him. Elizabeth concluded that it would be best to put her family first rather than Finn.

Awesome April

Nikolas would not be allowed in Ava’s bed, she determined. Spinelli discovered a secret auction for the Ice Princess on the dark web.

Sonny and Selina came to terms with her ambitions for growth. Alexis was ordered by Harmony to bury Smoltz’s account of Nina. Ava canceled her engagement with Nikolas.

While watching Liz’s house, Chase was struck and rendered unconscious. At Charlie’s Pub, Brando protected Sonny and Nina from thieves; Phyllis decided to purchase the bar.

Malefic May

Spencer told Esme he was on to her after Josslyn observed Trina and Rory’s chemistry. T.J. and Marshall stopped two would-be robbers. Chet received an offer for his ideal job. However, it was located elsewhere.

Joyous June

“In Case You Missed It” featured some of the characters from this week’s episodes. Ava was concerned that her marriage to Nikolas might end if they got divorced. Carly received the news from Drew that Valentin had won the ELQ merger.

Jazzy July

When Sasha was invited to demonstrate a baby carrier wrap on television, she had a meltdown in front of the audience. At the last minute, Valentin changed his mind about adding a lethal powder to Laura’s iced tea. Gregory sent the Invader an opinion piece.

General Hospital recaps 2022
General Hospital recaps 2022

When Brando demanded that she continue receiving therapy at Shadybrook, Sasha disagreed. Nina offered peace, but Carly rejected her because she thought it was her fault Sonny had changed.

After seeing Chase’s performance, Linc was pleased, and Brook Lynn volunteered to support Chase’s musical endeavors.

Active August

Josslyn learned that Spencer had been attempting to frame Esme for framing Trina. Ava was hooked with a fish hook but was saved by her co-stars. Austin postponed his weekend plans with Maxie and her kids.

Super September

Ava was honest with Trina about Spencer’s attempts to clear her name on this week’s SoapCentral. Curtis enquired as to whether Jordan had obtained formal divorce papers from Portia.

Austin made it plain that his doctor was the only one from whom he received directions. Kristina prevented the assassin from striking Brando with a barbed hook a second time.

Sasha signed the form appointing Brando as her guardian. Trina was informed by Ava about Spencer’s emotions for her and his pursuit of evidence that Esme had set Trina up.

Outstanding October

Diane confessed that a lady had actually attacked her. When Josslyn saw Dex hanging in a freezer at Pozzulo, she was shocked.

According to Carly, the Corinthos name needed to be removed from the Soapcorpals roster. Robert and Jordan, and Oz Haggerty agreed. Esme was captured by Nikolas at Wyndemere attempting to open a safe.

Victor took action to blame Anna for killing Lucy. Carly was unable to halt the moving of Virginia’s burial. Sonny’s efforts to make amends with Michael were rebuffed by Michael.

Nervous November

Willow was diagnosed with cancer and will require chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. Finn broke up with Elizabeth over her involvement in Reiko’s death.

Carly asked Brick for medicine to help heal a hurt Dex, and Sonny was cautioned by Valentin not to make Pikeman his enemy.

Dazzling December

Heather said Ryan dumped her and stole his unborn child. According to Finn, who confided in Elizabeth, Esme was undoubtedly hidden on Spoon Island.

One of the diamonds in Annalisa’s necklace had a hidden message, which Robert, Laura, and Felicia decoded.

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