Recollecting The Moments Of Stephen a smith on General Hospital

Stephen A. Smith, as we all know, is one of the fictitious characters of the famous American Soap opera General Hospital. The character Brick has been played by Stephen since the character’s debut on March 31, 2016.

So, this article is all about Brick. Let’s spend some time reminding of the most super duper moments of Brick in the General Hospital.

Life of Stephen In The General Hospital!

Stephen started living the life of Brick on March 31 and April 1, 2016. The first scene was with Sonny Corinthos. Sonny called Stephen to Paul Hornsby’s office.

Max Giambetti informs Drew Cain that Mezzo was the broker who planned the assassination of Julian. He added that Brick was the one who found this, and he was in Sonny’s house. 

Brick assisted Sonny in finding the enigmatic call from Russia relating to Patient 6 that was received on his personal line.

Due to the fact that Ava Jerome was present at his clinic, Griffin Munro offered Brick the name Piotr Boronsky to study.

Brick provides a new update. With the expectation that Sonny would track the call, Ava dialed from Russia.

Brick was well known to “Jason,” but Curtis had only recently met him and, therefore, was curious about the tools Brick was using. This makes Brick feel bad and sad.

Carly asked Brick to investigate Nelle Benson, who was the girlfriend of Michael Corinthos. Julian bombed The Floating Rib because he was working with Cyrus. And the mission failed. Sonny told everything about Julian and Carly to Brick.

Cameron Webber takes up Pine’s weapon and shoots Jason in the back. Brick was the one who took Jason and Britt to a safe house, where they met Carly and gave medications for Jason’s gunshot wound.

Stephen a smith on GH
Stephen a smith on GH

Brick arrives in town to go on a business trip to Montreal. Once Sonny introduced Nina to Brick, he met her. Sina informs Sonny that Brick and Carly are in a relationship, but Carly visits Brick to get medication for Dex since Dex was shot. 

Also, Sonny reported Dex’s jail transport crash to Brick. Nina later observes Brick and Carly sharing a suite at Metro Court. What Rick was up to with Carly, he won’t reveal to Sonny.

After Valentin offers to work with Pikeman, Sonny calls Brick and asks him to do some research on Pikeman Security Group.

So, thus Brick clearly has been the best detective these days. What is your opinion on Brick? Comment below.

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