Opinion: Is Leo on General Hospital Really Autistic?

General Hospital featured an autism-related plotline last year. Ned Quartermaine was depicted helplessly observing the breakdown of his marriage to Olivia.

They disagreed over what to do with their son, Leo, which is why they were at odds. Many fans don’t know that Easton Rocket Sweda, who plays the character of Leo, has a special relationship with the character he plays.

Who is Leo on General Hospital? 

General Hospital, an ABC daytime soap opera, features a fictional character named Leonardo “Leo” Francisco Quartermaine. He is Ned Quartermaine’s adopted son and the offspring of late mob boss Julian Jerome and Olivia Quartermaine. On-screen, he was born on May 8, 2015.

The pregnancy of Lisa LoCicero, who plays Olivia, was depicted in the show because she was expecting a girl at the time.  On June 4, 2015, she began her maternity leave, and she returned on August 14. Easton Rocket Sweda, Leo on General Hospital,

What happened to Leo at General Hospital? 

Leo received a formal autism diagnosis, as revealed on the episode of the show airing on December 28, 2020. Ned and Olivia’s relationship had been strained due to the uncertainty of his diagnosis before this.

Leo has autism spectrum disorder, which the doctor confirms to Ned and Olivia when they get to the hospital and meet with him. What comes next? Ned queries. The doctor advises them to take some time to consider this diagnosis and any possible emotions it may elicit.

Although the doctor explains that an early diagnosis is helpful to help Leo adjust and learn how to experience the world, Olivia is concerned that this will make Leo’s life more challenging. A real but kind approach to autism was taken in the episode, which won praise. However, the plot also included many aspects of real life.

Easton Rocket Sweda: Is Leo autistic in real life?

Easton Rocket Sweda is a young autistic actor who was born in California on June 2, 2011. He is an actor best known for his work on General Hospital. He is the son of Mick Sweda, founder, and guitarist for hard rock bands Bullet Boys and The Hot Summers.

Soon after the episode that featured autism aired, Easton Sweda posted a video message to Twitter to share with his followers.

Sweda disclosed that he, too, suffers from autism in his video message. He acknowledged that he was not able to speak until he was four years old. He proclaimed, “Now look at me; I have a great life. Autism-affected children are cool, too. cool.”

Is Leo on General Hospital really Autistic
Opinion: Is Leo on General Hospital Really Autistic?

In his clip, viewers of General Hospital, who thought he was doing a fantastic job on the show, clapped in unison for him to support the young actor when they saw his video. He was also praised for his courage in telling the world about his experience.

Sweda also thanked Lisa LoCicero and Wally Kurth, who plays Olivia and Ned, respectively, for their help. However, the autism narrative also has a personal component for soap opera legend Kurth.

Ned, aka Wally Kurth, revealed that his son has autism

People revealed in 2004 that the General Hospital star and his wife Debra had a son, Brogan George. Wally Kurth also has a daughter, Meghann, from a previous relationship with an unidentified woman.

As a result of his marriage to Rena Sofer, the star of The Bold and the Beautiful, he also has a daughter named Rosabel Rosalind who is an artist.

Kurth, on the other hand, recently revealed that his teenage son has autism. As a parent of an autistic son, he tweeted, “I always say, “It is a journey. I would not trade it for anything, even though it had some unexpected twists and turns that made me a better father and man.

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