GH Spoilers Next two Weeks January 30 to February 10: Nina discovers a mystery

General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, starting on January 30 and ending on February 10. In addition, Heather devises a fresh plan, Finn is left speechless, and a large crowd gathers for Britt’s memorial service.

As a result, Nina discovers a secret, Esme is in for a big shock, and Michael learns distressing news.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Nina Reeves is conscious of how crucial it is for Sonny Corinthos that she refrain from seeking retribution against Carly Spencer. But it’s simpler said than done. Carly already denied Nina the opportunity to be Nelle Benson Jerome’s mother.

It was astonishing to learn that she also tried to take Nina’s chance to become a mother to Willow Tait. Currently, Nina is awaiting the results of her bone marrow test and is worried sick about Willow.

She’ll still be enraged with Carly when that settles and she comes down from the adrenaline high she’s been living on. She won’t back down until she believes she has earned Carly’s forgiveness.

Drew Cain Gives Carly Spencer Another Opportunity at General Hospital

Drew is ready to give Carly another chance to prove herself, but he will vehemently not put up with any more deceit from her in the future.

Carly may admit this while appreciating another opportunity to be with Drew, but we all know it won’t be long before she comes up with another excuse to lie to him that she genuinely feels is compelling enough to justify doing so.

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Even though Carly may be delighted, nobody will be overjoyed that Drew chose to ignore what she has done rather than hold her responsible. Carly certainly has a way with guys.

GH Teaser: Spoilers The Poison Nina Reeves Chooses

Nina will assume that Drew and Carly are no longer on good terms when she observes them getting close to one another. Nina will be amazed by this. Drew has always been such a morally upright person who upholds the highest standards. But even some of Carly’s most terrible crimes are acceptable in his eyes.

Nina is about to discover exactly how much more there is to this team, and investments may play a significant role in that discovery.

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Nina discovers documents Carly carelessly left behind and realizes that if the SEC learned about Carly and Drew’s business arrangement involving the ill-fated merger of ELQ and Aurora Media, they may both be charged with insider trading.

Nina Reeves Selects for Justice, Choosing Sonny Corinthos

Since several weeks ago, Sonny has been admonishing Nina that the conflict within his family must end. He’s had enough of it, and it’s better to follow Sonny’s kind advice when he gives it.

GH Spoilers Next two Weeks January 30 to February 10
GH Spoilers Next two Weeks January 30 to February 10

The second warning will not be as mild. Sonny is equally angry on Nina’s behalf since he understands that her rage at Carly is justified. He will always have a stake in Carly’s safety and maintaining their family ties because she is the mother of his children.

It won’t take Carly and Drew long to figure out who was behind Nina’s quick move to put the SEC on both of their tails.

Will Sonny be able to pardon Nina for abandoning Carly in the same manner that he seems to have pardoned Carly for what she has done to Nina? Once more, the group’s leader is poised to choose a side, and we can almost certainly predict which side he will ultimately support.

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