GH Spoilers February 6, 2023: The 3 C’s in General Hospital- Confrontations, Challenges, and Confessions

On Monday, February 6, General Hospital teasers and updates hint at trials, admissions, and conflicts in Port Charles.

Dan Buran’s portrayal of Linc Brown challenges Josh Swickard’s portrayal of Harrison Chase, who confesses, and Roger Howarth’s portrayal of Austin Gatlin-Holt engages in a confrontation.

What are Challenges all about?

After giving Brook Lynn Quartermaine a contract to sign, Linc challenges her at The Savoy. She is startled by his touch on her leg under the table and wonders if she is in or out. He offered to turn over to her all of the music rights, but as is customary, there was a catch.

Linc keeps asking Brook Lynn questions, and she appears to be very uncomfortable. Chase views the situation from the opposite side of the room.

Ashford’s Concern

TJ Ashford, who stands in front of the elevator at General Hospital, is worried about Trina Robinson. She does appear concerned about something, and he tells her to tell him whatever it is. Spencer Cassadine, who wanted to address family business in the hospital chapel, maybe the cause of Trina’s concern. 

She most likely observed Nikolas Cassadine, who was in the room for a very long period, and Laura Collins, who were both running down the hallway. Then Spencer arrived asking for Nikolas, and Laura was unsure of his whereabouts.

The Confessions

When the conversation with Linc comes to an end, Chase approaches Brook Lynn and queries what if he decides against leaving after all. After seeing what the smarmy predator did to Brook Lynn and Blaze, he can see that there is more he needs to do to bring him down. It is a blatant instance of sexual harassment, yet Blaze is too terrified to report him.

Chase will undoubtedly inform Brook Lynn that she must come forward and that the takedown procedure must begin. There is no way to know how many women Linc has harassed, and perhaps there are some minors they can hook him up with.


He informs Elizabeth Baldwin in Dr. Hamilton Finn’s office that he can’t just let her toss it all away. She had told him the truth about the lies she had told to shield Nikolas when he was caught holding a heavily pregnant Esmé Prince in the Wyndemere north tower. 

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Esmé had received medical attention from Elizabeth for at least three months throughout that time. Finn won’t allow her to turn herself in to the police, despite her desire.

GH’s Spoilers: Encountering

Mason Gatlin gets confronted by Austin outside Kelly’s for his behavior. He challenges his cousin while furious, encouraging him to give it his all if he wants to pursue him. He had just overheard him discussing Ava Jerome (Maura West), who had just gone for Wyndemere, on the phone with “the family.”

Mason has previously pursued Ava, and it appears that he still plans to do so—but this time, it’ll be over Austin’s dead body! Mason has received repeated advice from Austin to keep his loved ones in Port Charles at a distance.

Invoking Nikolas Cassadine, Ava Jerome

As Nikolas tries to perhaps make amends, Ava had gone to Wyndemere and answered the door for him. When Ava tells him that he did it all by himself, Nikolas becomes enraged and the argument escalates. That Ava provided Spencer with the means to kill his own father must be heard by him firsthand. 

Invoking Nikolas Cassadine, Ava Jerome
GH Spoilers February 6, 2023: Invoking Nikolas Cassadine, Ava Jerome

Nikolas is on the verge of going into full Cassadine dark mode, so Ava had better be equipped. Eye for an eye and life for life are the rules.

Concluding Thoughts

Laura is still grilling Spencer about what happened between him and his father in the hospital chapel back at GH. Spencer might show Laura the footage if she asks him what he is holding over his father’s head. If Nikolas did not give over his parental rights to Spencer for his unborn sibling, Spencer threatened to call the police.

Although Laura tried to mediate, it appears that nothing can be done to change the situation. If necessary, Spencer will use that footage against Nikolas to defend his younger sibling.

Keep your eyes to see how the storyline wraps up, and don’t forget to check here at our website for the latest gossip of GH.

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  1. Nicholas is going to really turn to the dark side. He will even be
    more evil than Victor . Where is he by the way? It is not part of
    his plan to go against each other. He plans on bringing the Cassidines closer together.

    • Spencer doesn’t want to kill Nickolas; he just wants him to give up his parental right for Esmes child. She would love to raise the baby w/Spencer I’m sure but that would leave Trina on the outside.

  2. I love Spencer but he’s making a mistake trying to take Nicklaus baby he got to grow up hi self I think he’s jealous of the baby afraid his father going to love the baby more than him Ava already took his love now it’s a baby coming an instead he want to turn his little brother or sister against him he’s not trying to protect the baby it’s all about comt


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