GH Spoilers February 20, 2023: Heather’s Gun Takeover, Austin’s Hook Injury, and Ryan’s Change of Plans

General Hospital fans have been waiting eagerly for Monday’s episode, which promises to be full of twists and turns. With the revelation of Heather Webber’s true identity as “The Hook,” fans are wondering what her next move will be. 

Meanwhile, Austin Gatlin Holt’s life hangs in the balance after he was hooked outside the door, and Ryan Chamberlain’s plan to escape with his hostages takes a dangerous turn.

Curtis confronts Portia about her lies

In Monday’s episode, Curtis Ashford is furious with Portia Robinson for lying to him and Trina about the true identity of Trina’s father. He questions Portia about whether she knew the truth and why she kept it from them. 

Portia reveals that she did look into genetic counseling for Trina, but other than that, she was content to live with her deception.

Spencer vows to keep Trina safe

Spencer Cassadine is determined to protect Trina from Esme Prince, who is on the loose again.

GH Spoilers February 20, 2023: Heather's Gun Takeover, Austin's Hook Injury, and Ryan's Change of Plans
GH Spoilers February 20, 2023: Spencer vows to keep Trina safe

Trina confides in Spencer about her paternity nightmare, and they share a steamy kiss. Fans of the “Sprina” pairing won’t want to miss this powerful moment.

Laura, Kevin, and Alexis connect the dots

Laura Collins can’t shake the feeling that she’s missing something important, and she turns to Kevin and Alexis for help. With some updates from Gregory Chase, Alexis confirms a theory that leads Laura to realize that Heather Webber is “The Hook.” 

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Laura suspects that Heather’s motive is maternal protection, and that she is Esme’s mother.

Mac and Jordan discuss their next steps:

Mac Scorpio and Jordan Ashford discuss their options for dealing with Ryan Chamberlain’s threat to kill Felicia Scorpio if he sees any cops. They may have to sneak onto Spoon Island to try and save Felicia and Ava.

Heather holds Felicia and Ava at gunpoint

Heather Webber takes control of the situation, hooking Austin outside the door and holding Felicia and Ava at gunpoint. As she asks if they have any last words, Mac, Jordan, or the hostages themselves could interrupt her. 

Fans can expect some tense scenes and unsettling news as the situation unfolds.

Closing Thoughts

Monday’s episode of General Hospital promises to be action-packed, with Heather Webber’s takeover and Ryan Chamberlain’s change of plans keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Fans won’t want to miss a moment of the drama.

Are you a die-hard fan of General Hospital, waiting for the upcoming episodes?

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  1. This stuff was around and Harry it’s got to be over it’s done I mean good grief run chamber needs to die sorry and having a river needs to be no more it’s been going on for way too many years I’m tired of the crazy good new story lines do away with that one those are stupid and makes the show awful I fast forwarded through all that

  2. Oh I’m sorry I’m using my speaker thing on my phone to record this I didn’t say anything about Chinese people I don’t know why it got that it picked up a TV I’m so sorry but we need to do away with Heather Weber Ryan Chamberlain and Victor needs to go cancel that needs to go sorry the show needs to do better I watch maybe 15 minutes at the most of the show I fast forward it through all of it I cannot watch a regular time I got to record it so I don’t have to watch it and this Johnson Jocelyn and deck story so stupid no she’s stupid no and Michael needs to quit going after his dad and stop decks from going after Sunday cuz it’s not going to end well and Jocelyn is going to get even hurt so no Dex needs to tell Michael about Jocelyn and let that be that but it ain’t going to happen they’re going to prolong it it’s going to be stupid but that story is still better than the Heather and Ryan and that’s me all those need to go and if you don’t fix this between Nicholas and Ava and let him be a couple and quit all this in fighting and form one over on the other one then do away with that too get rid of both of them I’m done listening to that crazy nonsense

  3. I hope the hook didn’t kill, and it’s bout time Spencer & Trina get together. Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen this next week.

  4. I can’t wait to see what happens next on the show at least they ending a lot of old storylines let’s bring on the new with Nickolas
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