GH Spoiler Alert From The Week of 6 Feb: Ava’s Solution, Will Ava Be Able To Find One?

Spoilers for the week of February 6 for General Hospital are available. Josh Swickard’s character Harrison Chase is expected to rethink his mind. In order to solve a problem, Ava Jerome tries to think of a solution.

In the meantime, Austin Gatlin Holt issues a warning to Mason Gatlin. Discover what will happen next in the ABC soap drama by continuing to read.

The Tale of Chase

According to GH rumors for Monday, February 6, Chase will have a change of heart. Rebecca Herbst’s Elizabeth “Liz” Baldwin considers Hamilton Finn’s suggestions.

Spencer Cassadine receives an impassioned plea from Laura Collins and Nicholas Alexander Chavez. Additionally, Austin warns Mason as Ava is pushed too far.

GH Spoilers – Tuesday, February 7

Fans should anticipate Brad Cooper to send a unique package on Tuesday, February 7. The bad news is delivered to Curtis Ashford and Portia Robinson. Will the enormous request Spencer has been granted?

Austin offers his help in the interim. Additionally, viewers can anticipate a candid conversation between Marcus Taggert and Jordan Ashford.

Ava’s Reassurance

According to General Hospital rumors for Wednesday, February 8, Ava will reassure Laura. Kin Shriner’s Scott Baldwin is about to experience a major shock. In addition, Nina Reeves will reveal her new issue to Liesl Obrecht.

Additionally, Nancy Lee Grahn’s character Alexis Davis will likely contact Finn for assistance. Additionally, Sonny Corinthos will be a spectator.

GH Spoilers – Thursday, February 9

Obrecht will take matters into her own hands on Thursday, February 9. Austin provides health-related information. Ava makes an effort to think of a solution.

GH Spoiler Alert From The Week of 6 Feb: Ava’s Solution, Will Ava Be Able To Find One?
GH Spoiler Alert From The Week of 6 Feb

Fans should anticipate Liz updating Finn as well. Gregory Chase is mulling over Alexis’ proposal in the meantime.

Gift by Nina 

Nina will give an emotional present on February 10th. Ava tells Austin she is worried. Taggert and Laura will eventually meet.

Jordan and TJ Ashford converse in the background. The events of Portia and Curtis Ashford’s wedding day will also be shown to fans.

Final Thoughts

During the week of February 6, which narrative are you most looking forward to seeing? What are your predictions for Trina Robinson, Jordan, Curtis, Taggert, Portia, and Taggert? What lies ahead for Liz, Finn, Laura, Ava, Austin, and the other residents of Port Charles? 

Let us know what you think, and keep watching the ABC soap opera to find out what happens next.

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