General Hospital Spoilers Next Week July 10–14: Josslyn inquires about Esme and drama at the Metro Court

In a week filled with shocking revelations and unexpected events, General Hospital takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Romantic gestures, arrests, and confessions further complicate the lives of Port Charles residents.

General Hospital Spoilers Next Week July 10–14 reveal with exciting crossovers from Pine Valley and gripping storylines, the week ahead promises unforgettable twists and surprises that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Stay tuned for all the thrilling drama on General Hospital!

Gunshot fired and critical surgery

A risky surgery is required after a shot fired at the Metro Court threatens the life of a person, sparking a web of mysteries. There will be an explosion of drama at Metro Court.

According to GH spoilers, a character will be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery because their life will be in danger. TJ will assist with that procedure and provide updates afterward, but who will be the victim? Given how things are starting to heat up, this might be related to Mason’s plot.

Josslyn wants answers from Esme

General Hospital Spoilers for the week of July 10–14 indicate that Josslyn will confront Esme about their growing intimacy, Molly will consider a life-altering offer, and Alexis will voice her concerns regarding Kristina’s eagerness to become a surrogate.

While Josslyn sees something she disapproves of, Dex will be the recipient of some terrible news. Given that we know Josslyn will confront Esme and accuse her, it appears that she will notice a tender moment between Esme and Spencer. Esme will undoubtedly receive a warning from Josslyn to stay clear of Trina’s boyfriend.

Alexis is concerned about Kristina

In the meantime, Molly will consider an offer, but Alexis will issue a warning. Regarding Kristina, who will probably be willing to become pregnant for Molly and TJ, Alexis will likely have some reservations.

Alexis has good reason to be concerned because it appears that Kristina will try to enter into this arrangement too quickly and without giving it enough thought. Later, someone will seem rather distant from Kristina, so Molly may decide to withdraw and give herself some space to think about everything.

Michael’s gift for Willow, what can it bring?

Willow will be able to relax back in the gatehouse as Michael returns with a romantic gift for her. Michael is going to make a nice gesture, so perhaps he will set up some decorations for a fictitious honeymoon.

General Hospital Spoilers Next Week July 10–14
General Hospital Spoilers Next Week July 10–14

When Willow is fully recovered, Michael may promise to take her on a real vacation, but for the time being, they could make their private haven at home.

Harrison will make an arrest after that, which should have something to do with the Metro Court chaos earlier. Will someone else be responsible for the crime, or will Mason be apprehended?

Romantic rendezvous

For their upcoming storyline, Lucy and Felicia will be involved in a hilarious caper. The Pine Valley attorney will begin sharing scenes with Felicia and Lucy on July 12 to coincide with Walt Willey’s return as Jackson Montgomery from All My Children.

Hamilton and Elizabeth will behave honestly in other situations, so perhaps they can agree to pursue a romantic relationship.

Mini Spoilers

Cody will risk his life by attempting to outsmart Selina, according to other General Hospital spoilers, so he had better hope it succeeds!

The information Nina learns will shock her to her core, which could cause issues for Ava. Will Ava’s rescuer Austin be hit by Mason, who is armed, if he approaches her?

Mac will confess to Sam while Dante muses over a possible explanation. We will find out if that confession has anything to do with Cody and how much Mac desired to be his father. That information will eventually become public since Mac is Cody’s biological father.

Trina, who lives across town, will experience some intense feelings, which may include joy over Ava’s safety or possibly some other drama involving Spencer.

In any case, General Hospital spoilers indicate that the July 10–14 period will be full of surprises and changes.

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