General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks July 10-21: Lucy’s Trip, Custody drama

Prepare for two adrenaline-filled weeks on General Hospital as the storyline takes unexpected twists and turns. From Sonny’s dangerous move to Curtis’s medical crisis, and Josslyn’s confrontation with Esme, tensions run high.

Meanwhile, Felicia and Lucy embark on a trip to Pine Valley, leading to stunning revelations. General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the next two weeks, July 10 to July 21, reveal that Kristina’s surrogacy idea sparks concern, and Sasha finds herself in a crisis.

With surprises, arrests, and alliances in the mix, GH fans are in for a captivating ride. Stay tuned to GH for riveting drama and gripping storylines that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Dex Receives Troubling News

Dex l will be informed of Sonny’s antics at the Metro Court pool and the ensuing chaos. Dex will receive a call about the shots that were fired during the week of July 10–14 and will immediately go to the scene to see if he can be of assistance.

Sonny, however, will already be resolving the situation on his own when he emerges from hiding and presents himself as a clear target. The good news is that Sonny will live and probably avoid getting hurt.

Dex will also complete a new mission that will probably offend Josslyn, but it is all part of the job now that he is decided to remain in Sonny’s organization. Spencer will be interrogated by Portia when she is back with her, and she might attempt to sever their relationship once more.

Trina will receive support from Marcus in the interim. Marcus will likely check on Trina to see how she is doing after nearly losing Curtis due to the Metro Court pool chaos.

Josslyn’s Disapproval and Portia’s Grilling Session

The bad news is that Curtis probably will not be as fortunate given the strong indications that he is about to experience a medical emergency. While Portia and Trina will undoubtedly hope for the best and brace for the worst, it appears that Curtis will undergo emergency surgery and survive.

TJ will need to weigh in on this as well, but he will understandably want to wait until Curtis’ injury is fully recovered. Jocelyn, on the other hand, will observe Esme leaving a parenting class with Spencer and might guess that Esme wants Spencer back.

In any case, Esme will get a raw deal from Josslyn regarding the past, leaving her to wonder if she will ever be able to shed her old identity. Esme will be compelled to find some solutions because she will be curious about who she once was. That might entail contacting Heather despite how dangerous her biological mother is!

Felicia and Lucy’s Trip to Pine Valley

After traveling to Pine Valley, Felicia, and Lucy will speak with Jackson, an attorney, and look into the money that has been sent to Martin. Fans of All My Children will undoubtedly be familiar with Jackson, so make sure to watch to find out what he gets up to in this brief GH arc.

General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks July 10-21 Lucy's Trip, Custody drama
General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks July 10-21

The upcoming General Hospital Spoilers next 2 weeks, will feature some shocking revelations and shady interactions, so be on the lookout.

According to additional General Hospital spoilers, Harrison will make a startling discovery before putting someone in jail. According to General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from July 10 to July 21, Cody will also find himself in a potentially dangerous situation where he attempts to outwit Selina. If something goes wrong, this could put him in a precarious position.

Worries Over Kristina’s Surrogacy Idea: Alexis’s Concerns

Alexis will be concerned about Kristina’s plan to use a surrogate. Molly will consider Kristina’s offer to become pregnant for her, but it will be a difficult choice that needs careful consideration.

Sam, on the other hand, will eventually mediate some family conflict and confess to someone. Sam will eventually be Molly’s confidante, and it may be Sam’s advice that persuades Molly to take Kristina up on her offer to have a baby.

Austin is going to send a message, so it might contain some information from Mason for Ava during the week of July 17–21. Austin will reportedly have a fresh strategy in which he has way too much faith.

When something is in motion, it is simple to see how it might go wrong. Leo, who is struggling greatly without his adoptive father, will exhibit some behavioral problems across town. Ned, a.k.a. “Eddie Maine,” is unwilling to return to his former life, but Chase will track him down and might be able to persuade him to assist Leo in any case. Chase may have prevented Leo’s meltdown by persuading “Eddie” to spend some time with him, and Brook Lynn will thank him for that.

Stunning Revelations and Shady Interactions

In the wake of the crisis, Sasha will need to perform some damage control. Gladys may become anxious because it appears that Sasha will lose control as a result of Gladys and Dr. Damon’s drug scheme. When Nina learns something, she will rush to the hospital, where Sasha might end up being admitted.

Not to mention, Drew will have to deal with some doubts that will probably be sparked by yet another action Cyrus takes while he is being held captive.

Cyrus offers Drew a partnership, but with this guy, nothing is ever as it seems! Although Cyrus is on his side, Drew is right to be cautious, especially in a place like Pentonville.

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