General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: Danger at Metro Court Chaos, Molly gets an offer, and Nina is in trouble yet again

We are back with the eagerly anticipated spoilers for the previous two weeks, which include all of the noteworthy events. Although there is a lot that can happen in the world of daytime dramas, General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks is not that unlikely.

There will be a few minor developments but nothing significant. Nevertheless, they will be significant and fascinating.

Molly seeks comfort in Kristina and Kristina does…

After Molly confides in Kristina, she will receive an unexpected offer. This probably involves Kristina suggesting that Molly consider having a baby for TJ and her sister.

Molly will consider that suggestion during the week of July 10–14. Molly may not be prepared to respond to Kristina because she will receive the short end of the stick later. Molly might act a little freaked out and distant while processing everything because Kristina is even offering at all.

Alexis might assume that this is just another of Kristina’s crazy plans that she will not implement or that she will later regret. Alexis will issue a warning and may be concerned that Kristina does not understand what she is agreeing to because offering to have a baby for someone is a big deal.

Nina is still holding on; Maybe only Sonny can help her

Nina will experience some horror, but it appears that Sonny will be safe because his children will carry on with their daily activities. After some encouraging developments at the hospital, Michael will make a significant gesture for Willow, allowing her to enter the gatehouse once more.

Even Nina will receive an invitation from Willow to attend her small welcome-home celebration, but Nina will need to get along with Carly to attend.

Firing at Metro court, guess what happened next?

General Hospital Spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from July 3 to July 14, indicate After someone fires a shot, there will also be a terrifying incident at the Metro Court.

As for the victim from Metro Court, they will fight for their lives at GH. TJ will assist with the urgent surgery, and then there should be good news. When Austin risks his own life to save Ava from Mason, the plot of their relationship with Ava and Austin may be connected in some way.

As soon as Drew starts serving his sentence at Pentonville, he will be put in a dangerous situation. Drew will be approached by Cyrus to join his team while he is imprisoned during the week of July 3–7, but he could get into trouble whether he agrees or not.

Oh, Josslyn! She thinks Esme is trying to…

Let us move on to Josslyn and what she will see. Josslyn will eventually confront Esme after seeing something she does not like, leading her to believe that Esme is attempting to steal Trina’s boyfriend. 

General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks
General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks

Esme might receive a warning from Josslyn to stop all of her manipulations if she observes a tender moment between her and Spencer. After the crisis, Trina may need to reconnect with Ava to make sure she is OK because she will likely experience some strong emotions.

Felicia discovered something

Felicia will begin the investigation Lucy requested, and as a result, she will soon find some unexpected red flags regarding Martin.

Cody will make an effort to get the upper hand on Selina while Lucy and Felicia begin their enjoyable caper. Selina has shown she is not easily tricked, so that seems like a terrible idea!

Mini Spoilers:

Over with Tracy, she arranged for a conversation with Diane. If possible, Tracy might look into legal options for “Eddie Maine,” a.k.a. Ned Quartermaine, such as getting him committed.

After Lucy discovers that private information has been stolen, Brook Lynn will need to act quickly in Deception. Brook Lynn will play dumb about being aware that the files she copied contained trade secrets while fabricating a story about wanting to be a more knowledgeable employee.

On Tuesday, July 4, there will be a repeat; however, the show will return right away with many shocking new episodes.

With Elizabeth and Finn, they will be open and honest about their feelings for one another and, hopefully, decide whether they want to try dating once more.

The PCPD will be working hard because Harrison will arrest before the week is over while Dante settles on a new theory!

Stay tuned for some action-packed General Hospital episodes over the next two weeks, according to spoilers. Check back soon for more GH information as Soap Ask is the place to go for fantastic General Hospital spoilers, updates, and news.

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